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    * Modified plugin file: wp-content/plugins/backwpup/backwpup.php
    * Modified plugin file: wp-content/plugins/backwpup/inc/class-become-inpsyder-widget.php
    * Modified plugin file: wp-content/plugins/backwpup/inc/class-betatester-admin-notice.php

    normal ?


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  • Hi @rfollett, yes that is okay. We modified a few files to change the dashboard messages, without changing the version number. I’m assuming that’s what it is detecting.

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    This is NOT COOL! When I used Wordfence’s bulk repair option to match these three files (since I have already repaired them manually on several sites, and am pretty pissed off at the time your inappropriately placed sale announcement has cost me), the Dashboard crashed, and I had to rename the backwpup folder via FTP to get back into my Dashboard.

    Error was:
    Fatal error: Class ‘BackWPup_Discount_Widget’ not found in mydomain/WordPress/wp-content/plugins/backwpup/backwpup.php on line 129

    Seriously considering replacing backwpup. I wonder how many thousands of people are wasting time because of your mistake today? And not for the first time.

    Hi @syzygist, I’m sorry for the issue you’re experiencing. class-discount-widget.php should be included in the download. Can you try downloading the latest version and reinstall?

    This wasn’t today, but earlier this week. There were perhaps 5 minutes when the new file wasn’t included, and this was an oversight on our part. But it was quickly fixed. I’m guessing you got the file within that small window of time.

    Am I going to have to reconfigure my backup jobs if I do that? And please explain to me why I should have to do troubleshoot this at all because you used a medium that was not appropriate for sales, incorrectly no less, in such a way that it caused my dashboard to crash? Is that even allowed?

    Flag for moderators – is it permitted to add short-term promotional messages to plugin files without updating versions?

    @syzygist, if you just overwrite the files without uninstalling it from WordPress, then no it will not mess up any of your jobs.

    Plugin Author seville76


    Hey syzygist and rfollett,

    we sincerely appologize for the unfortunate circumstances. This won’t happen again because we certainly don’t want to piss off our users and we didn’t think, that it would harm you in any way like crashing your dashboard!

    As Brandon said, you don’t have to reconfigure your backup jobs.

    It would be great if you can contact me directly via a.frison at so I can handle this directly with you. 🙂

    Thanks a lot and sorry for the hassle you had!


    I did replace the backwpup folder in wp-content/plugins with unzipped version of same downloaded from the plugin page, and that worked.

    Very glad it’s working for you. Please let us know if you need anything else. 🙂



    This is stupid…
    Of course a mistake can happen, but you should (always) bump the version number in the WP plugin repository after any file changes. Then Wordfence wouldn’t have alarmed everyone of us and wouldn’t have made us investigate for possibly hacked (because changed) files. And it would allow us to fix your mistake by simply updating to the latest version…



    Meanwhile, updating the flagged files via Wordfence crashed the Dashboard of another site I manage, and this time, reinstalling did not correct the problem. You’re right, seville76, this won’t happen again, because I have replaced BackWPup on all of the sites I manage, downgraded my review, and removed it from the recommended plugins on my blog. Your competition has gotten a lot better since I last compared backup plugins. Thanks for giving me a reason to find that out.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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