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    Are you seeing any errors in your error log? Are you getting other emails from your site like when you create a user? Check your spam folder.


    I am also experiencing this issue, is there a fix? This feature used to work but I am not sure when it stopped working. We had a user login the other day but weren’t alerted like we have been for the past year. Both check marks are enabled.



    My site can send mails only wordfence don’t want to send any mails. I can give you team viewer access if you want. Just give me your skype ID so we can talk.

    Did anyone find a fix for this?

    If so please share


    My issue ended up not being a wordfence issue but a server issue with php mail from a malware infected wordpress install. Essentially my host automatically disabled email sending because of a flooded email queue. I determined this because not only wordfence was not sending but anything that used php mail. If other plugins aren’t sending alerts would be worth looking into. If so, you can check email queue via host control panel. I then determined which php malware script was sending emails flooding the queue. I got the malware from an unpatched revolution slider plugin.

    Update, I hope this helps someone.

    I noticed wordfence stopped sending emails to me again out of the blue, so back to the drawing board tried everything in the book to fix my issue with no luck.
    Finally I decided this might just be a problem with my gmail account it’s self ? So I tried to use another gmail account still no notification emails..
    Next I tried my webmail account…. Bingo it worked like a dream even on other sites I have that also use wordfence but have never sent me any notifications at all they also had gmail accounts.

    I wonder if this might have something to do with gmail / google tagging wordfence notifications as spam causing the email notification to never even hit the spam folder? I can think of nothing else that would cause this.

    I’d love to here what the developers have to say
    , is this possible? I can see how google might get confused with wordfence sending sometimes over a 100 emails a day most going unchecked.

    If your dealing with this issue please try to use a webmail account.. I might just fix your problem..

    Best Regards

    Easiest and probably the most effective solution to make sure you get all your alert emails, etc., from not only Wordfence but any other WordPress plugin (easy digital downloads, etc.) that uses wp mail, etc. is to install the AmazonSES and dkim mailer plugin or wpMandrill plugin (if it works for you. wpMandrill plugin didn’t work for me.) and then signup for a free mandrill account and input the smtp mandrill info on the amazon ses plugin settings page or wpMandrill if decide to try that plugin out. Remember, the latter didn’t work for me.

    Going forward, pretty much all WordPresss emails (those using standard wp mail), except some I’ve noticed like Mailpoet (uses php mail by default) for example will be sent by Mandrill instead. the mandrill team (believe they are affiliated with mailchimp) works very hard to stay off blacklists and their emails are less likely to get flagged in gmail, yahoo, etc., especially hotmail which is the worst at blocking emails. mandrill also allows you to check deliverability of emails too which is a cool bonus.

    This solution has worked great on my multi-user blog and I haven’t missed any emails since implementing it. In fact, my easy digital download purchases are no longer not reaching customers, especially Hotmail customers. This has saved me time dealing with customers who tell me they never received their purchase receipt with download via email.

    Hope this helps. Works great, if you’re having email deliverability issues with any plugin pretty much, this solution works wonders.

    Also, if you use the Amazon SES plugin, an added bonus is that you can setup DKIM for email validation, this way all other emails that don’t use wp mail will now be DKIM signed, lessening the chance these standard emails get flagged too. Win win.

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