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    Hi, i have a few VPS servers with quite a few websites on, i am adding wordfence to all the sites and also into central.

    I have automatic scanning disabled and the low resource enabled.

    however when i log into central it seems to communicate with all my sites at the same time and crashes the server, puts a huge load on it

    any suggestions?

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  • Hey @mikes-1,

    How many sites are on the server?

    Can you please share your system specifications?

    After you share a little information I’ll speak with the developers for their thoughts.

    Please let me know.



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    Hi Gerroald

    There are 500 sites on the server and i have installed wordfence on approx 180 of them so far and all of these are also connected to central

    its a VPS with
    8 cores
    16GB ram
    400gb ssd (280gb being used)

    the server has been going like this for the last 2 years with never any problems, they are all low traffic sites and the servers load is always low.

    until i recently started installing wordfence and connecting them to central…

    now on occasions the servers load just goes crazy and everything becomes unresponsive (503) and i have noticed that logging into central seems to trigger this

    Hey @mikes-1,

    I spoke with the developers about this. It might be worth checking the Apache logs, PHP error logs, syslog, and mysql’s log. It may be that Apache is configured to allow too many connections, and tries to process all 180 hits at once. If you’d like to email them we can take a look too. You can send them to If you do, please include your username and update this thread in case we miss it.

    Please let me know what you find.





    I have the same problem, but there’s only 7 websites on my VPS right now. It’s a bit smaller than Mike’s VPS (1GB, 1 core) but when I have WordFence active it’s taking my whole server and all websites down until I manually restart MySQL.

    I’m also getting this issue. I didn’t see this thread until now and started my own, however I’ve not received a response on that one:

    Unfortunately the situation has just created a crash, so this is now urgent.

    Can you please clarify how this situation was resolved in the above case?

    This issue still appears. Why not batch the amount of requests? Servers freeze now by this!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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