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    i received a critical security alert from wordfence that the plugin has been removed from the wordpress.org

    can you clarify what is happening?

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  • Same here, would appreciate to get information too.

    I have disabled the plugin for now as usually when a plugin is taken out temporarily “pending a full review” this points to a vulnerability issue.

    It happens to me too, I got scared because I use this plugin in all my websites. But it says that the closure is temporary… I guess it’s an error… I hope so… It seems that the author has not abandoned the plugin since two days ago he was commenting on the support…. I hope he clarifies it…

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    Disable the plug-in and look for an alternative. If the plug-in does not come back within a maximum of 2 days then DELETE it. In IT there is no such thing as a sudden and temporary shutdown without a valid reason. We don’t know what happened so assume the worst, which is vulnerability to attack.

    In the plugin’s development repository 25 hours ago there were some adjustments to the plugin’s security. I guess the developer has noticed some security issue and has temporarily removed it while he releases an update. Here you can see the changes he is making to fix security vulnerabilities:




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    I would also like to know what is going on. Will this be permanent?

    Plugin Author WebFactory


    We’re working as fast as possible to fix the issues found in the plugin. With any luck, it’ll be back in a few days.

    Thanks for the update, @webfactory — here’s hoping that you’re able to resolve the issues.

    Should we disable the plug-in in the meantime?

    I downloaded the version 2.56 that seems has the fix.

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    The extension is back online.

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