• Greetings all. We have a point release for Wordfence today, version 7.1.4. Please update as soon as you are able.

    • Improvement: Added additional XSS detection capabilities.
    • Change: Initial preparation for GDPR compliance.
      Additional changes will be included in an upcoming release to meet the GDPR deadline.
    • Change: Reworked Live Traffic/Rate Limiting human and bot detection to function without cookies.
    • Change: Removed the wfvt_ cookie as it was no longer necessary.

    Thanks everyone for great comments and suggestions. Send any of those you might have to feedback@wordfence.com and someone will get back to you.
    Keep in mind, the feedback address is not a place to request support.
    Also, no support questions will be answered in this thread.
    Free support requests can be posted at https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wordfence
    Our premium customers can open a ticket at http://support.wordfence.com

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