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  • I’m also getting a similar error when trying to login on all sites that auto updated to 6.2.4 :

    Fatal error: Call to a member function get_error_code() on a non-object in /home/domain/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordfence/lib/wordfenceClass.php on line 1707

    @bond138 and anyone else experiencing this,

    The line 1707 looked line this in 6.2.3:

    if(is_wp_error($authUser) && $authUser->get_error_code() == 'invalid_username'){

    It now reads like this:

    if(is_wp_error($authUser) && ($authUser->get_error_code() == 'invalid_username') || ($authUser->get_error_code() == 'invalid_email')){

    I believe it should look like this instead:

    if(is_wp_error($authUser) && (($authUser->get_error_code() == 'invalid_username') || ($authUser->get_error_code() == 'invalid_email'))){

    That fixes the error on the one site I tried it on. I encourage you to try it until the plugin gets updated. I know you can’t see the entire line of code, but you can copy/paste it into a text editor.

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    Sorry to hear you had trouble with the update. We are releasing an update to fix the problem shortly for older WordPress versions, very similar or the same as your temporary fix.

    For the inability to turn off automatic updates, it does use wp-cron, but that cron job should be removed when disabling the option. I confirmed that it works correclty on some of our test sites. Can you check if you’re able to update other Wordfence options?

    -Matt R

    Thanks @yitwail for your help. After modifying the code as you suggested I was able to login and update to 6.2.5.

    On a side note @wfmattr I’m running the latest version of WordPress 4.6.1 on all my sites not an old version.



    hi everyone, im also having this problem on one of my websites, i cannot enter(login) as it gives me this error.

    If i cant enter admin, how can i update wordfence?

    The solution someone posted, should i make the fix in cpanel touching worfence code as mentioned?


    @prestamos-rapidoses, the other thing you can do is rename or delete the wp-content/plugins/wordfence directory then install & activate latest version of wordfence that fixes this problem.

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    @yitwail: Thanks for answering and for posting the temporary workaround earlier. If you still have any trouble disabling auto-updates or changing other options, check if your MySQL user has the “alter” privilege — it’s possible the Wordfence config table couldn’t be updated properly if that privilege was missing, which would affect saving of options.

    @prestamos-rapidoses: Renaming wp-content/plugins/wordfence as @yitwail mentioned is the fastest solution. Once you’ve logged in, you can rename the wordfence folder again, and update the plugin through WP Admin. If you’re not familiar with editing your sites’ files, the next automatic update (within 24 hours) should fix the issue for you also.

    -Matt R

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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