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  • There’s a problem with Broken Link Checker and Wordbooker (and probably other ‘social media publishing’ plugins?) is when you update or remove broken links with Wordbooker active it ‘publishes’ them to Facebook automatically. You then get your FB timeline littered with 100s of old posts, spamming and annoying everyone.

    Is there a way of temporarily disabling any publishing plugins when you update links? (other than what I do now which is manually disable which is a real pain because I forget to re-enable Wordbooker).

    Would be great if Broken Link Checker would do this, I’m guessing it’s because it updates/re-publishes the post and then Wordbooker goes ‘oh I’ve not see this post before’ and then publishes it. Obviously newer posts aren’t an issue but I have 1300 posts and most of them pre-Wordbooker so can’t really mark them all as ‘published’.

    I guess I could switch off the automatic/default posting to FB, but again I know I’d forget to check that’s enabled. So would be good if you could set certain plugins as being disabled while you update links?

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