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  • Steve, on wordpress I sign in under my name but post most of my posts as Author= “Editor”. After configuring Wordbooker I noticed this Diagnostic message:
    Not a WB user (2) and no overide – give up

    So I changed Author= ‘my name’, and noticed this message:
    This post falls within the don’t republish window :

    I think I know why I’m getting this message but my question is does the Author name need to match the WordPress and FB names?

    Also, you referenced some documentation…but I couldn’t find where you were pointing to (Options…but which website?). Can you send a link?

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  • Wordbooker expects the author of the post to have their blog account associated with a Facebook account. Note – thats the author of the post, not the publisher/logged in user who is publishing, and its to do with FB AUP and things to do with WP scheduled posts (where there isn’t really a logged in user).

    So either the author account has to be configured OR you set the “publish as” option to a specific user (not “current logged in”) and set the “Allow non Wordbooker users to publish” option.

    The “Rebublish window” message is because Wordbooker thinks that that post has been published so wont process it again – unless you set the “Force Republish” option on the Edit Post screen.

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