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  • Steve, I installed wordbooker 1.8.16 on our WordPress site. I am able to get the postings to work correctly positing to our fan page. However, I have another user that works with me and his postings do not show up on facebook. Is it because he is not an administrator ? or is it because only one user in WP can access a Facebook account so his does not show up. Is there any way to fix this or do I have to allow this user access as an admin to my Facebook fan page to make it work?

    Thanks for any help.


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  • Also I cannot seem to stop Wordbooker from posting all of our blog posts to my personal Facebook page. I only want them to show up on our Business fan page.

    I didn’t see this because it wasn’t tagged with Wordbooker.

    1) If you haven’t set the Allow Non Wordbooker users to post and set the Post As option to a specific user (rather than “current logged in user”) then his posts wont appear unless he’s associated a FB account with his blog account.

    As for your second post – have you set the And/Or posting option to be OR post to Fan Page rather than AND post to Fan Page?


    Thanks, I was able to force the other posts by another person to work, however they styill keep showing up on my personal page as well. I cannot find the “Post as” feature you are refering to , the only thing I see is “Unless changed, Posts will be published on the Facebook belonging to : “admin” (Thats my user name) I think this is right , but it still posts to the personal page.

    Also, if select the reposts if edited, does this now change the content on FB or does it add a new edited version of the same post ?

    Thanks fro the help ! P.S. is there some where I can go to learn more about the details of using Wordbooker, ie; a manual if you will or how to’s


    I do not know what you mean that it was “not tagged with Wordbooker”

    Sorry, still new to WordPress and the plugin thing.


    The And/Or option is at the user level (and shows on the Wordbooker options block on each post).

    If you edit a post and force a republish it pushes a new post to the FB wall – just like you can’t edit a post on your wall through the Web interface.

    There is a Wordbooker user guide – its linked from the Options page (its the PDF in the download)

    As the the tagging – you’d tagged your post with “Wordbook” but not “Wordbooker” so I didn’t get it in my feed from WordPress.


    This is what I’m seeing in Wordbooker, within a specific post

    Posts will be published on the Facebook belonging to : “admin (you)
    “or” post to the following fan page: “Priority Real Estate”

    I wonder, since the other user is nOt an admin, he does not see these options, only I do.

    I’m still confused ! I have tried all these things and still positing to the personal page! Have no idea what to do now.

    Is it posting the exact same post or is it posting the Status? i.e have you got Status Update enabled?

    I dont know the difference. It likes the same thing to me.


    I got it. You were right about the “Status Update” was enabled” It works fine now. thanks for everything.!



    Hi Steve.

    Thanks for this plugin, it matches what I’m looking for.

    Like spitzy, I have a similar problem: only the user for which the Facebook account is connected gets the comments published in the facebook.

    I reviewed your suggestions above and the option “Publish Posts by non Wordbooker users” is selected. Also, the option “Unless changed, Posts will be published on the Facebook belonging to” has choice made to the user for which the facebook account is connected to wordpress.

    Print screens with the selected options are available at,%2003_00_09.jpg

    and the plugin options are bellow.

    Could you please have a look to see if I’m doing anything wrong?


    Wordbooker: 1.8.18
    Wordbooker Schema: 9
    WordPress: 3.0.3
    PHP: 5.2.14
    JSON Encode: PHP
    JSON Decode: PHP
    Curl Status: Curl is available and can access Facebook – All is OK
    Fopen Status: Fopen is available and can access Facebook – All is OK
    JSON Version: 1.2.1
    SimpleXML library: PHP
    HTTP Output Character Encoding: pass
    Internal PHP Character Encoding: UTF-8
    MySQL: 5.0.51a
    Facebook Transaction limit: 40
    Database character_set_client : utf8
    Database character_set_connection : utf8
    Database character_set_database : utf8
    Database character_set_filesystem : binary
    Database character_set_results : utf8
    Database character_set_server : latin1
    Database character_set_system : utf8
    Database character_sets_dir : E:\mysql\share\charsets\
    Database collation_connection : utf8_general_ci
    Database collation_database : utf8_general_ci
    Database collation_server : latin1_swedish_ci
    Server : Microsoft-IIS/6.0
    Active Plugins :
    Akismet ( 2.5.0 )
    Audio player ( )
    Block Bad Queries (BBQ) ( 1.0 )
    Contact Form 7 ( 2.4.2 )
    Exploit Scanner ( 0.97.4 )
    Google XML Sitemaps ( 3.2.4 )
    List Authors ( 2.0 ) Stats ( 1.7.5 )
    Subscribe To Comments ( 2.1.2 )
    WordPress Database Backup ( 2.2.2 )
    WP Google Analytics ( 1.2.4 )
    WP-PageNavi ( 2.73 )
    WP-Polls ( 2.60 )
    WPtouch ( 1.9.21 )



    Comment handling is problematical in version 1 which is why its being updated for version 2



    Thanks for the reply, Steve.
    Looking forward for version 2.

    I installed Wordbook and after some futzing got it to crosslink my blog posts to both my Facebook Profile and my Fan page. So good so far.

    Now I see that every time I update an existing post or page, that update gets posted to my Facebook pages too, and I don’t want that. I only want new, original posts to show up in Facebook.

    The settings for Wordbook are not very intuitive for a newbie… can I get some help re: how to prevent updates from posting to FB, and maybe a primer on what all the other settings mean?



    And while I’m at it, it looks like everytime I publish something to the blogsite, it shows up TWICE on BOTH of my Facebook pages. What do you suppose causes that?

    Have you got Status update enabled?

    Have you read the user guide?

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