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  • I insert images (about 150 x 150 px on the average) left side at the beginning of my posts, but only one line word wraps. Sometimes the first line of the post is at the top level of the image, and the rest start under the image leaving a large white space.

    Anyone know the problem and how to fix?


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  • Switch to HTML and see if your DIV tags are messed up or not in the post adding page in the admin area when you are writing your post. You might have to move those HTML tags around to do what you want….


    You probably just use the default Add Image settings which give the image no alignment properties.

    When you put your images in your post, make sure that the alignment chosen in the “Add Image” window is “Left”

    If the images are already in your posts, edit the post, go to the edit image menu and ensure that “Left” is chosen as the alignment.

    I have a series of episodes as audio on my “listen” page. I want to insert a left aligned image as an icon for that particular episode, done, no problem. Next to the image is text with the audio player, ok, done that. Now for the next episode, after a double space, I want to start a new paragraph and repeat the whole process. Trouble is, the word wrap won’t let me have a new paragraph. My style sheet (I think ) keeps loading everything it can into the field next to that first image and won’t let me start a new paragraph no matter how many return keys or space keys I press. Using theme Vita. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Oops, mistyped the page link above:

    Darn, did it again, need a new keyboard! Here’s the correct link:

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Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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