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  • This may be an issue due to irritating IE (no, I don’t even bother with IE6) but I am having the hardest time getting words in IE to go to the next line if they are too big rather than be hyphened.

    link to page with word-wrap issue in IE9
    I have tried placing this in each page to combat it:

    <div style=”word-wrap: normal; -webkit-hyphens: none; -moz-hyphens: none; hyphens: none;”>

    and even in the Custom CSS Manager:

    .content {webkit-hyphens: none;
    -moz-hyphens: none;
    hyphens: none;
    .class {
    width:200px; /* All browsers */
    *width:250px; /* IE */
    _width:300px; /* IE6 */
    .width:200px; /* IE7 */

    None of this has done anything in IE. Works great in every other popular browser. This is probably more of an IE issue than a theme issue but thought I would give it a go anyway….

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