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  • Any help I could get on this would be so greatly appreciated. And just a warning, I need help in the simplest, kindergarten terms, if possible.

    I went to the WP codex (
    and followed the instructions listed in the lesson exactly. I’m really pretty sure about the “exactly” part—but I realize I could be wrong.

    I’ve done everything I can think of and I honestly cannot get the text in my posts to wrap consistently. I have one post where it worked, no idea why. Another post where it wouldn’t work no matter what.

    Here’s the address to the site: The test blog post on the front page shows the successful wrap. The other two pages are fails. ugh!

    I was using IE9, but read in some posts that it’s pretty problematic. I went back to Chrome, although there are some weird, random blank white boxes that show up on my screen. They look like they could be login/password boxes, but they are weirdly stuck in the middle of pages. Anyway, I don’t think that’s related to anything.

    Thanks again in advance for any assistance.

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  • Hello.
    I looked at the html source for your Posts and the class for your images says “alignnone”. This suggests to me that you are not clicking the left align button in the image uploader. I have posted an image with instructions just to make sure that you are doing this correctly.

    Also at the bottom of this page there is a short helpful video from youtube which shows in a brief efficient way how to create posts.

    The other thing I noticed is that there is a lot of extraneous code in your Posts. This happens when you are making lots of formatting changes in the WordPress Visual Editor. To test left-aligning an image I suggest creating a new post, paste some text into it and then add an image.

    Hi Daniel.
    Thanks so much for responding to my question(s). I am so grateful for any help I can get!

    First, you are so right. I did have the “align none” option chosen. I forgot that I did that as one of my problem solving attempts. The blog post called “Testing the new blog software :-)” has text wrapping nicely around the picture I inserted. The picture is “align none”, so I was trying that out in the post of the static pages where I could not get the text wrapping to work. I did initially use the “align left” option.

    I’ve made a new page called “3rd Attempt to Introduce Doodles with Pictures–Still not wrapping text 🙁” and followed your instructions exactly (they were great, btw). As the title indicates, I’m not having any luck. I’m super frustrated…this should not be so hard! This should be so super standard, it should be hardwired into the program (I know there’s no such thing…)! (grrr) Anything you could advise me on about this would be so appreciated.

    Thanks again.

    I have looked at the html and css again and my theory is that your theme has not written css for images with captions to “align left” e.g. wrap text with the image on the left. (I could be wrong…)

    I would do 2 things to test this.

    1) make a new post and add an image WITHOUT adding a caption. Make sure that you add the image at the beginning of the text.

    2) Change your theme to the default theme, which should be TwentyTen and see if the text is wrapping properly


    Then I would contact the theme developer and describe the problem.

    By the way, in most instances the “left align” button in the image uploader works well.


    I’ve been having the same issue; although I have the ‘align’ set correctly, the text would not wrap around images. (I’m using the Dirty Blue theme).

    I followed your suggestion to insert an image without a caption (no great loss there) and automagically, the text now wraps!

    Thank you! I’d give you a star if I could!


    Mike, You’re welcome, glad I could help. You might tell the developer of Dirty Blue so that he/she can fix it.

    I have some additional info… with the help of my husband, we continued to investigate and figured out that the text wrapping works just fine in the “posts” but won’t work in the “pages”. We disabled the theme css (by commenting out all the img code) and there was no improvement to the problem.

    Everything seems to work ok in the twenty eleven theme. That’s a drag, because I want to use the theme I originally picked. So at this point, I think I’m stuck with not using the “pages”, in order to use my preferred template. Otherwise I’ll have to switch to the twenty eleven template.

    We have contacted the developers of the theme, but it’s questionable as to whether they’ll fix the problem…so, I’m not sure what I’m going to do…

    Thanks so much for helping me with this. I appreciate all your time and education! 🙂

    If you can modify the CSS file try this.

    Find .SCS img {}

    If you want every image to float left write:

    .SCS img {
    float: left;

    If you want to use the align left button in the image uploader try:

    .SCS img.alignleft {
    float: left;


    .SCS a img.alignleft {
    float: left;

    It may take a little trial and error to get it right.

    I recommend writing comments as you do this so you remember what you have done and so you can get back to the original if you create problems.

    In theory when you use a theme you should not have to do stuff like this.

    David. You are my HERO!

    Here’s the code I put into my style.css page:

    .SCS img.alignleft { float: left; }
    .SCS img.alignright { float: right; }

    Now it’s working whether I place the text right OR left. I don’t know what will happen when I try to put something in the center. However, I can always place text above and below when I want something in the center (which I don’t really anticipate needing…)

    Thanks again for your kind and patient help!!

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