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  • I have a problem with posting. I post a new article and it always seems to be going to my “Home” page by default. I would rather it be sent to a certain category. Here is an example: I have a category for “SHOES” on my site. I would like to have my article about a certain shoe sent to the category “SHOES” without it being posted to my “HOME” page. Now sometimes I would like it to be posted to both categories but not always…….Please explain how this works…..

    Please understand I am new to this. Directions that are not stated clearly are like a new language to me. Also, I have tried to read up on WordPress and it has helped with a few things but obviously not all things. I really appreciate any help!

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  • By default -all- posts go to your home page.

    if you want to change that, head over to the “Extend” section of this site and search up one of the category excluder plugins. They can change that default behavior.

    You don’t need a plugin to do this.

    Go to settings / reading and look at things there…
    That is where you set what will show on your front page.


    While there are indeed many options at Settings -> Reading, you cannot filter or control what categories go to the main page from there.

    Thanks….I am still trying to figure things out. I got my plugin I am just trying to learn how to upload it into my wp-content folder in my plugin directory. My host is Should I contact them?

    I found it

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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