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  • Hi all,

    A resolve to this problem is the difference between moving all my websites from Heart Internet’s hosting to another hosting service.

    I currently host 3 Word Press blogs among all of my clients sites on Hearts server. Plugins are causing 403 Forbidden on my domains is the one its happening on right now.

    Hearts resolve is UNUNISTALL the plugin. It was the answer many weeks ago when this problem came about and is the answer today. I warned them about the bad press of me writing posts like this but I need to explain my problem and provide information to get the best response possible right?

    So Heart are telling me that their server does not allow a permanent server process and plugins evidently cause this. Their server automatically closes the domain on detecting such a process.

    I can trigger the problem by using any Twitter plugin or currently when I post on my blog while using SEO Smart Links plugin. So I do a post then if I do an update WHAM! screen shows big 403 Forbidden error because the server counts the update as permanent process I think. I guess because its a follow up from the original post. Maybe I’m wrong, no expert.

    Is there any solution, I can’t see much online about this?

    Anyone worked with Heart hosting before and how did it go?

    Do plugin scripts really do anything that needs such tight measures or restrictions?

    Can you recommend a reseller hosting that would allow me to host word press blogs without such issues?

    Thanks for any input and I will pass comments straight to heart internet so they can improve their support for Word Press blogs.

    WebTechGlobal (Ryan Bayne)

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    Apparently someone else had this problem too.

    Honestly it sounds like Heart is a little too touchy about things. Can you list the actual plugins? I really doubt it’s the plugins themselves and more how the server is setup. has a list of sites.

    I personally use and it works fine.

    Since making this POST a Heart Internet support member, Wayne Jordan, spent hours resolving the matter and came up with the idea that the RPC in Word Press could be causing the permanent server error.

    So far it seems true.

    I removed all RPC services from my administration and my website plus blog at is back online. This is thanks to Wayne Jordan who was very dedicated in the end, to helping me solve this issue.

    Those of you with similiar problems and possibly on any server or hosting not just Heart Internet. Should remove plugins and RPC services then add them again one at a time to determine which actually causes the issue.

    Boring but how else can it be done?! According to Wayne Jordan the server will ping RPC until it gets a proper response. If the RPC service’s own service has issue its own issues it may cause a permanent loop.

    This matter has now been resolved.

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