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  • I’d like to use your plugin.
    But can I “hide” a category?
    Or can I set the plugin so for each category –> one notification and one mailing?

    Is there an easy way to see who has subscribed?

    HI all … I’ve installed this program, and it works fine except:
    when the notification it sent, it splits the “from” line into multiple email addresses … so, for example, although my settings have my email address as the “from” and “reply-to”, when the email is sent, it has the name of my blog instead – each word as an email address:
    Fred McKinnon’s Blog – Life, Faith, Music
    … the email has:
    From: fred@fredmckinnon,,,, etc, etc.
    Any clues?




    I’m new to Word Press and Blog. I’m trying to include e-mail notification on the main post page but I’m not sure where exactly to insert the code.
    Please could anyone help me out?

    I am only getting notifications for comments – not when I put up a new post. Other people who have subscribed to my notification arent getting notification either. Is there some config switch somewhere that I’ve missed?

    I want to get email on comments, but I can’t figure out how to make that happen. What do I have to do to get emails for comments as well as new posts? Thanks!!!

    now wait a minute. friend_of_grommit says that only new posts are generating email, and I am finding that only comments are generating email. What can be the difference between our setups?

    I just installed it like it says. I’d love for email notifications to go out for BOTH new posts and new comments.

    and I just installed mine “as it says”… and I only get email notification for COMMENTS, and NEVER for new posts. I would also love it if I got email notification for BOTH.

    I emailed the author and he says it should only email notifications for posts, not comments. Perhaps someone can think of a hack that would send out notifications for BOTH comments and posts??? hint hint.

    I’m afraid I’m not a php developer. 🙁

    Is there a way to change the plugin so that people do not have to confirm their subscription? Believe it or not, a number of people have subscribed to my BLOG but then IGNORED the confirmation email. They just don’t read it all the way through and don’t realize they have to click the link.

    I suppose these are the people whose VCR’s blink 12:00. 🙂

    But still I want to accommodate them. Any way to remove the confirmation step and just sign them up when they post their email?


    FYI, Brian Groce, the author of the plugin was kind enough to provide an answer. It worked for me!

    This should bypass it…

    In maillist/index.php (the signup page)…

    Find this line:
    $query = “insert into $email_tablename (email_addr,date_subscribed) values (’$addr’,now())”;

    And change it to:
    $query = “insert into $email_tablename (email_addr,date_subscribed,gets_mail) values (’$addr’,now(),’1′)”;

    I’ve not tested it, but that should do it. And of course there are other tweaks you’ll probably want to make.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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