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  • Hi,

    How can I use WP to create a design similar to,1874,ABIL_8049,00.html

    If not, can you suggest other options.


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  • Hi,

    that’s possible, but takes quite some tweaking. I’m currently building a semi-CMS-site too with WP, but I already arrived at some 20+ plugins and countless individual templates. I do it because the client is used to WP and wants it that way.

    But if you have no obligation to use WordPress, I’d take one of the CMS geared for newspaper publishing instead, that will come closest to what you need. Have a look at .

    That looks like a task for Joomla. (Or Mambo.)

    Thank you!
    Is there any difference between Mambo and Joomla?

    It seems to me that WP is already a CMS of sorts. I create websites as CMS for almost all of my clients. It is pretty easy for them to enter information and the CSS helps to make sure that it all stays consistent.

    It does take some tweaking, but I have sort of a system of putting together websites like this now.

    Here are a couple of things I do right off the bat:
    * use a lot of plugins too, especially the static home page one.
    * create a home page, take out the part of the loop code that make the posts look like posts, like the author, time stamp, etc.
    * use the regular ‘PAGE’ layout for the rest of the site.
    * use the include page plugin and create custom sidebars for pages.
    * use templates for special pages that require intricate php
    * integrate posts into pages and use an included page at the top for the static text part of the page
    * restrict pages that I don’t want the client to muck with by creating user levels.

    I have no idea if this helps anyone! lol After reading over it, it sounds very confusing! But it is actually a good CMS that can be modified pretty easily if necessary by changing the CSS.

    Good luck! (you’ll need it just to understand my post! LOL)
    Here are a couple of my websites that use this system of mine: – You can see an example of the variation in the sidebar under the Board link. – this one is still underconstruction, we have blank pages.(This incorporates a ‘secret’ website in the background that is only accessible with a username and password. It is actually another WP blog set up as a CMS.)

    The original developers got in a snit with miro and forked the code to Joomla. I’m not sure what Mambo is up to.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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