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    um, no I dont use that site. They require that you PAY. No thanks.

    And yes, this is in the incorrect area. Its called “how to and troubleshooting” for a reason 😛

    There is a “Misc” area, for future reference, its right there..


    And have to agree with whooami: it’s useless to link to a site where only paying members have access.

    Its a free website but you need to be registered and logged in to read it, sorry I forgot to mention that as I’m always logged in so forgot about their recent changes. Its free though although it does have a VIP area that isn’t free but that’s one section, they have over 20 sections from search engines to blogs to domain names. You should register if not already as its the number one webmaster community on the web, they are all great guys and there are regular WordPress threads with some great solutions posted by members to problems, especially of a search engine nature.

    The infor inside is very valuable as these guys know what they’re talking about, they have reps from Google who are members, people from Yahoo, Blogger etc.

    Opening post is asking about duplicate WordPress content and Google, whether it will effect rankings and count as a penalty. Others are sharing experience of being penalised and others are showing what they do with code examples of how to get around the indexing of duplicate content etc. Very informative thread.

    PS Thanks for moving it.




    apologies about the pay remark. I guess Ive always clicked off there when I’ve followed links because of the bold “subscribe..” message and never actually bothered to see if they offer unpaid access. My bad.

    All that aside, I dont worry about duplicate content anyway. My pagerank doesnt suffer, and what google sees, google gets 🙂

    Me too…
    Considering they are all pros there – they could have made that entry page less confusing 🙂

    Seriously, its one of the world’s busiest sites, they hold conferences all over the world, just normal guys like us as well and its ad free and has been since it started. Great site with top people. This place reminds me of it as its very simple, uncluttered like a lot of popular forums are, none more so than my own. The guy who owns Webmasterworld built it himself and some of their contributors are high up people at Google, Yahoo and other major web giants. If you’re a webmaster, especially a business one, its a must visit site. One guy on their has a site that earns 10K a day via Adsense and he once posted a massive thread about his experience and how he become so successful. It’s a very informative experience.

    For web designers, webmasters etc. this site is a “MUST BOOKMARK”.

    Valuable info and great community.

    It’s my number one site for css, browser specific problems, marketing, code ,copyright…

    Give it a try!

    i found that using tag can be lead duplicate content

    to avoid this you have to take care when you tag , dont give unique tag anme for any post

    Using UTW and no duplicate content AFAK.
    Just use index,follow on:

    • main page
    • post page

    and noindex,follow in all other instances (pages, tags, categories, archives…)

    Thanks for linking to that site, it has tons of interesting threads, and I agree the layout is readable and without clutter. I learned a few things from there already. But it seems the verdict is still out on Google and duplicate content. My favorite post about that was one which said, basically, “Write for your readers, not for bots. Make good content and it will be all good.”

    I agree with you but my solution is not inteded as a “hack” but as how to avoid Google-penalty.

    Even if you write for your readers Google will find duplicate content without those little hacks.

    You write a new post. The exact excerpts are then listed on:
    Your index page, category page, archives, tags etc.



    so what do we do about this…How about the WPdupPlugin?

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