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  • Hello,
    I get an Internal Server Error when I used a specific word (maybe it is the combination of words) in my post. This is the second time I get this type of error. I only have the basic WordPress 1.5.2 installation. I have identified that the word ‘term’ in the following line cuases the error:

    As much as I tried, she just didn’t get the context and the need for a specific term to such a Plain Old Java Object.

    I tried this in several installation of wordpress (all on the same machine). If I change the word term to name or finish the sentence with the word ‘term’ I don’t get the error. I got this error on a separate blog also using word press 1.5.2 but don’t remember the word or phrase that caused the problem.
    Thanks in advance,

    ps. If anyone else has noticed this please add the phrase that cause the error so as to maybe find a solution.

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    It’s due to something called mod_security I believe and it something to do with people being stopped from using scripts in posts to do damage.
    There are ways around it when using just text – using the ASCII code for a letter may work – but you might want to take this up with your host.

    curl produces the same effect – there are a few.

    hmmm, i was just about to post a new topic on this, but i might be having the same problem as above. when i try to edit a post which contains the word ‘Hausmannish’, i am given an a 404 error. however, i can remove only that word, and the post is editable without returning errors.

    i was originally able to make the post with that word to begin with, so i don’t understand why it would give an error when editing.

    here is the post, with the word in the last sentence:

    The word Tomcat in the following sentence caused a server error:

    I am using JBoss/Tomcat with Struts 1.1 and Eclipse 3.1.

    I placed a no break space between tomcat and with to be able to submit the post.

    Yes, this is and will be ongoing I believe. There are these words that some of us use innocently, which our server-hosts do not consider to be innnocent….

    In my case, it was simply writing “my tomcat came in bruised and abused, and wanted only to curl up in front of the furnace….”

    I don’t know if this is a problem with my server or what.. The following cuased the same type of error:

    Form Letter

    A good solution is to write ‘Form Letter’

    The solution is to write a nbsp between next to or between words that cause the server error.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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