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  • I’ve asked about this before and someone pointed me to an article that said that if your post/page is disappearing because it is over some unspecified mysterious character limit, then just delete the post/page and start over.

    That doesn’t work.

    I have a very long essay I’m trying to put on my site as a page. Once I get to a certain length the page doesn’t show up. Sometimes the content is deleted out of the editing window too!

    This is an annoying issue that I need to resolve, as my WordPress is geared toward long articles. How can I remove the post/page character limit?

    My WP is hosted on my own server.

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  • Schleicher


    Bump! I’m having the same problem!



    I have the exact same problem, as well. Content disappearing – after I make a certain amount of pages.

    Gah, this is maddening. I can’t even save a draft of a page if it exceeds a certain amount of characters. There must be a way to change that setting, HELP.

    me 2 me 2 … someone find a permanent solution to this. My post / pages are certainly not overly long.

    I’ve tested this mysterious problem here.

    160,000 words worked no problem for me..

    If you have a particular amount you’re having a problem with i can test.

    Can you verify the problem on a local installation? (as in can you replicate this on an alternate installation)..

    have you tried adding a bunch of images with caption short code? That kills rather short posts/ pages for me. try ten … as a ball park figure. plus text.

    10 images with captions + some text?…

    If you give me some specifics i’ll try to replicate the problem.. any particular amount of words?.. (i thought the problem was Words?)



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    No, nothing particular … a few headline-tags h3, and all is well until the media shortcode (images – caption) is entered. Without the shortcode it is all well.

    I think it is a parsing issue some where. I reckon it would be a great enhancement if one could sort and control the plugins as in when is which plugin allowed to parse.

    this is frustrating. I finally got all the plugins that do what I want and than that.

    when I add an empty post with 15 caption shortcodes, the page comes up. (ie upload via media manager 1 image and copy inserted code one by one.)

    when I add the image a 16th time, post blanks out on me.

    One caption image with a 10.000 character blind text works. With 20.000 it blanks out. One caption image with 17 1000 character paragraphs is fine … add another it blanks out. Add another caption image to the 17 1000 character paragraphs, it blanks out.

    This is not nice at all.

    I created and used some shortcodes including such as (for example)

    [venue]The Sly Fox Hotel[/venue]

    in a post (where there were quite a few short codes used, and things appeared to be fine.

    This evening I created some new short codes (using the same short code handler function used for artist, venue, etc) and added a few more uses in the same post, and *blink* the content disappears (from the output, not from the source). I thought I might have created some unmatching entries, and spent ages trying to find the mistake(s), to no avail – the answer seemed to lie in the number of shortcodes used, the length of (not-in-shortcodes) text, or maybe just the number of paragraphs…

    Now I find other people are having these kinds of nasty problems.

    It seems pretty arbitrary to me, though I hazard a guess that it has something to do with the way that shortcodes are processed internally (and or the regex library that is used to implement it).

    Whatever the cause it, it sucks pretty hard.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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