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  • Well the task at hand was how do I create a word cloud for a website of mine.

    Then having reviewed the plugin status for word – clouds it seemed limited to tag clouds and therefore I have implemented it using a simple iframe on my site please have a looksy:-

    I think it looks ok , it works by extracting each word from the post(s) and then it creates a word cloud using googles javascripted word cloud.

    From this I then created a tag cloud which links to a google adsense account.

    I think this is the best way to implement a tag /word cloud on my site and because it uses a custom search it can used with an adsense account.

    The offer is open for someone to come up with a plugin that will do this. The code uses three files:

    extract.php uses fopen() to extract words
    wc.js wc.css creates word cloud using javascript and adds links to your
    google account

    I will upload these files for anyone to use.

    I did find that it didnt work on all servers – some dont allow fopen() and you get an error. The use of iframes solves this issue and allows you to use the word cloud with google custom search in a wordpress page.

    here are my two examples:-


    word clouds are usefull and interesting aswell

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  • I have also resorted to exporting all my website’s post contents to a Google spreadsheet then using Google’s word cloud generator to create the word cloud to then put back on my site. Its far from ideal because you have to update it manually the spreadsheet manually…

    you can see it here:

    I would love to see a WordPress Plugin that could do this!!

    It doesn’t feel like it would be too hard to do for someone that knows what they are doing – (unfortunately that isn’t me!)

    I wonder if something could be done that doesn’t use Google but rather adapts something like “Custom Word Cloud” ? But rather than getting the data from the current page/post, instead using the export (all posts) function to generate the “list of words” which is then turned into a word cloud…..

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