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  • Hello,

    i am looking for a premium theme (to use with woocommerce), and i am hesitating between themes from woothemes or themeforest…
    I would like a theme :
    – responsive
    – pages with pictures in background in fullscreen
    – possibility to use differents pictures as background (and not 1 same picture for all the site)
    – zoom system for products pictures

    The themes i like :
    Woothemes : Canvas,Whitelight, Inspire, Simplicity
    Themeforest : Abundance, Propulsion (Kriesi…), Enfinity,

    If you have remarks or experiences concerning those themes, or woothemes/themeforest i would be glad to read you
    Thank you in advance.

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  • Emil Uzelac


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    They’re premium, not many people around here would have that kind of experience.

    Both sites are well known and that should be more than enough.
    As far as which Theme, it all comes down to personal preference.




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    I’ve not used either theme vendor, so the following is purely based on my experiences here on these forums. WooThemes are a single group of developers who create themes under a single banner, Hence all support issues are dealt with in one place by their own support people.

    Themeforest, on the other hand, are actually a large collective of independent developers who sell themes through Themeforest. There is no single support team. All support has to go through each of the individual developers – which can mean that support varies wildly from good to virtually non-existent.

    You might want to bear that in mind when choosing.

    WooThemes! Themeforest is okay, but it’s a crap shoot. All of WooThemes themes are responsive and integrate perfectly with woocommerce. you’ll have to do some modifying for the customization you want (different backgrounds, zoom, etc.) but you’re like 90% of the way there just by using WooThemes.

    The back end is also much easier to manage and things are in really easy to find places, while still having a ton of options

    Emil Uzelac


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    He was also referring to Kriesi, I would not call his Themes “a crap shoot” 🙂


    Considering that WooThemes themes and WooCommerce are from the same developer you can be sure they will integrate perfectly together. It may also have advantages in terms of support, updates, help with customizations etc.

    Not saying the themes on ThemeForest are bad, but it’s worth considering the possible advantages of using a theme from the same maker as the ecommerce plugin.

    Emil Uzelac


    Theme Review Admin

    @premiumwp most definitely, I missed that part completely 🙂

    Thanks everybody for thoses interestings answers.

    Even if I am more attracted by some themes by Themeforest, like those of Kriesi, the advantages of Woothemes are more if i use woocomerce.
    And i will add that 2 more : we can test the themes during 14 days, and we can get 2 extras themes by buying one.
    I haven’t seen any possibility of test in Themeforest.

    @kegan Quimby, I don’t think that all of Woothemes themes are responsive.

    I have to add a wonderful theme on my liste :
    Mearishop (Themeforest) :
    Responsive and for woocommerce, very customisable, and beautiful ! 🙂
    Anyone knows this one?



    I also use Woocommerce and bought Kriesi theme and I have Canvas theme from WooCommerce as well.

    Kriese theme features a powerful and simple framework, especially if you like Slideshows or build complex pages since you have what they call Dynamic Templates. Where you actually can mix different contents of different pages in one Dynamic Template and reuse content automatically in different pages builds you make, it is like a kind of “Lego” where you just take parts and build a page.

    Also it integrates BBpress Forum and the Product Page features a Slideshow, something I have not seen in any other theme.

    They guys in the kriesi website are very supportive through their forum. All in all I find the Kriesi themes really elegant, dynamic and powerful.

    Woothemes on the other side IMHO are less elegant than other themes I have seen and the support of the Woo team is slow and lacking, there have been a lot of complains among their user base, so many that they have written announcement a few days ago saying that they are building a new support system (on Zendesk) to improve their support attending the complains from their customers for such a poor customer service.

    On the other side the wooteam updates their framework and themes on regular bases, monthly or even weekly, something you don’t easily see on other developers. I’ll use both thems, Kriesi and Woo in different projects and see how it goes.



    I’m kind of biased towards Woo for their awesome support and pristine code…. it is a joy to work with from a developer’s point of view. maybe not pertinent to this convo, but their themes are very easy to customize via child theme.

    There was a day [a couple of years ago] when Woo’s customer support was excellent. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case…

    Sorry for the late reply to Chrisfer, but I would definitely stay away from Meari. The thing is sooooo buggy. Attractive, but buggy. It breaks every time woo updates and there is no support. I have spent months trying to keep up with the fixes. In short: Don’t buy Mearishop. If you’ve bought it, I’m sorry. If you mail me, I’ll try and send any fixes I have worked out. Best of luck.

    Oh, to actually answer your question. If Woo updates, and your theme isn’t set to roll with the update, your store goes down (at least partially). Therefore, buying a Woo theme is the better bet, though they set it up that you HAVE to buy their plugins for a lot of beneficial functionality. Cheers!

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