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WooThemes Canvas – Mod light to dark?

  • I’m considering using WooThemes Canvas theme for my site. However, I want it to be a dark theme meaning black background and light colored text. Does anyone know if this is easy to achieve with Canvas’s built in tools, or will it require complex CSS?

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  • Omg! You put “Mod” in the title!
    haha only joking

    Dax702, it would be best to ask your theme’s vendors for support. You could do this manually via CSS, but it may be better asking the guys who made that theme. They’ve probably been asked this before.

    Thanks I will do that. By the way, what is wrong with “mod”? Short for modify 🙂

    Some people add modlook to their thread titles to get a moderator’s attention 😉

    Ohh, my mistake, I didn’t know that. You can delete this topic entirely if you like, it’s not really going to help anyone.

    No no, sorry. I was just having a joke with myself. I should have kept it inside my head.

    We keep threads like these because it still informs others who are experiencing the same issue.

    Ok, well I contacted Woo just now. I will update this thread when I receive their reply too, thanks

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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