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    Hi – thanks for your great plugin, it works well with caching and other optimization plugins without issue.


    Not sure you can help with this one or not… with Speed Up activated Wooslider waits to load an image even though it is located near top of page (where other regular images didn’t wait to load) — I added no-lazy divs to the container wooslider is placed in <div class=”no-lazy”> … both directly and in the the column it is placed in…

    I’m guessing that somehow wooslider is reacting to whatever code Speed Up is loading… I’m sort of stumped. Your plugin is shaving more than a full second off of an already fast page load so it is worth figuring out rather than not having Speed Up on that page.

    I’d appreciate any suggestions, thanks.

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  • this has something to do with flexslider issues and loading the first image — which seems common

    issue here is that with Speed Load deactivated, don’t see the problem

    its a flexloader/wooslider issue, but hope you have suggesion


    found a way !

    .flexslider .slides > li:first-child {display: list-item;}
    .wooslider .slides > li:first-child {display: list-item;}

    this forces the slide to display when the slider loads.

    not perfect, there is a bit of a flash as the slider effect gets triggered, but at least an image appears

    ahh shoot…

    this doesn’t fix it afterall —

    it forces an image, but as soon as the slider goes to the next slide, it doesn’t load the image because it is waiting for lazy load trigger

    for anybody finding this thread because experiencing the same thing…

    there is a css workaround to force wooslider/flexslider behavior

    I more or less solved it — first image load is a little jerky but at least it loads

    my image size is 240px high –

    what this does is forces things to display and to stay within the size you want
    /* wooslider */
    .slide-content {max-height:240px!important;}
    .wooslider .slides > li:first-child {display: list-item;}
    .wooslider .slides > li {
    display: list-item;
    min-height: 240px;
    -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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