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  • Plugin Author kaggdesign


    Are you sure it is the problem of my plugin? I cannot reproduce the issue:

    It is because of AJAX. OPTIONS -> Try to ajaxify the shop
    So, Author. Is it possible to fix it?

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    Plugin Author kaggdesign


    Even after ajaxifying, everything works on my site.

    Please hover on question mark near ajaxify options and read the following:

    “Select “Yes” if you want to TRY make filtering in your shop by AJAX. Not compatible for 100% of all wp themes, so test it well if you are going to buy premium version of the plugin because incompatibility is not fixable!”

    It seems that ajaxifying is compatible with Twentyseventeen theme on my test site and incompatible with your Divi theme.

    As you can see in Dev Tools in Chrome browser, body classes are different on and

    It means that Divi theme uses another template to output second URL. In this template, there is no WOOF widget at all (try to find <div class="widget widget-woof">). My plugin cannot block output of the widget by itself. Please look at and you can see that widget is in place, but empty.

    Please check what template is used by Divi for ?cx=… URL and implement output of woof widget there.

    Reported issue has no relation to my plugin.

    And I have a similar problem. When I choose a category with AJAX: string ‘paged=1’ is added to the end of the address bar and custom filters disappear. I’m using Twentyseventeen theme also. Tried with other ones – the same result

    The same thing happens when I have Storefront installed and with TwentyTwelve.

    In the Woof extensions I have the following options enabled:
    Hierarchy drop-down
    Radio or Checkbox in drop-down

    Plugin Author kaggdesign


    Please deactivate my plugin and visit

    You will see no filters at all, anyway. Problem is not in my plugin.

    There are no filters on that page because it’s actually loading the shop page content, instead of the swiftcarb content with those arguments after the main URL.

    I have stopped the filter widget from loading on the shop page using widget logic.

    I’m guessing your plugin isn’t reading the URL to decide which category is active, it’s getting that from somewhere else.

    I have deactivated your plugin, and the Woof filter is behaving as it should, unless I select to Ajaxify the widget content. Then it breaks, and loads the Shop page content on all category pages as soon as I apply a filter. So it seems to me this is an issue with the Woof filter plugin which is affecting your plugin.

    If there was a way to export the Woof filter settings, then you could test it with the same setup at your end. It’s clearly not theme related given it happens with the standard WordPress and Woocommerce themes.

    I’ll submit this issue to the Woof developer, and if they fix it I’ll revisit using your plugin, for now I have had to change plans to get my site setup.

    Plugin Author kaggdesign


    “There are no filters on that page because it’s actually loading the shop page content, instead of the swiftcarb content with those arguments after the main URL.”

    Exactly the same I told you above – your theme invokes another .php template file for /?cx=1… URL. I see it by different classes in <body>.

    Another point: you don’t have woof-widget at all on /?cx=1… page. This means – nor WOOF plugin, nor my plugin is not invoked on this page. How can I do something if my code is not called at all?

    Try to install Twentesenteen theme like I did on my test site, turn off all the plugins except WOOF, WOFF by Category and WooCommerce, and check the result.

    There is not a problem of my plugin, I repeat it again.

    Yeah… so why do i need Woof or your plugin to load on the Shop page, when none of the filters are being applied on the Shop page… only the Category pages?

    If the user is selecting filters on this page:

    Then why does it matter if the plugins aren’t loading on the Shop page?

    Plugin Author kaggdesign


    WordPress theme may load different .php template files for shop page, category page, and ?cx=… pages. In these template in php code is written to call sidebar or not, and which sidebar.

    In your admin pages you have Apperance->Widgets to set up in different areas.

    If .php template calls a sidebar, and sidebar contains WOOF widget, then within scope of this template WOOF plugin (and my plugin via hook in WOOF) will be called.

    If .php template does not call sidebar with WOOF widget (and I see that on your ?cx=… page your .php template does not call it), nothing happens – code of WOOF is not running, and, therefore, code of my plugin is not running, too.

    Plugin Author kaggdesign


    You have to hire freelancer, who will change code of your Divi theme slightly to make thinks working.

    Understood.. I’ll look into the templates. I need to anyway, because I want to create a totally different style of category page in the ‘non cutting tool’ pages.

    In any case, it was happening with the Storefront theme as well. Which you would expect to be perfect with this kind of thing.

    Disabling the Swoof influence in the Woof advanced settings, stopped the shop page body content from being loaded.

    And as you identified, ?cx=1 is loading the Shop Page sidebar, instead of the current categories’ sidebar.

    So there were a number of things going on here…

    Disabling Swoof influence also made the Widget Ajaxification work correctly as well.

    I also just applied your latest update, which may have had some influence in removing some of the behaviour I was seeing.

    FYI… I have Widget Logic removing the Woof filter widget from the Shop page, but I’ve now defined a set of overrides for the Shop Page in your plugin. And it loads whatever I set there for that page in your plugin.

    So disabling Woof with Widget Logic isn’t a factor. The filters weren’t loading because the Shop Page didn’t have any filter overrides defined.

    So if I fix my templates, so that it loads the current category sidebar when ?cx=1 is loaded, then I still have to make sure that every category has a set of overrides defined in your plugin. Which isn’t ideal…

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