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  • My wife has decided to start her very own Cupcake business and I recommended wordpress to manage the website. I am the taste tester and website admin, yay!

    Here is a list of what I am looking for…

    1.I would like to allow the guest of our website to select a flavor of batter, flavor of Icing/Frosting, and the color of the paper cup it is baked in.

    2. I would like to have an image displayed of the combination they selected.

    3. I would also like to give the guest the opportunity to add a filling, add a topper (piece of chocolate molded into a design), and if they would like the cupcake to be dairy free and/or sugar free.

    I have installed and played around with a few e-commerce/store plugins and due to variants and add-ons being a huge factor, I have narrowed the options to WooCommerce, WP E-commerce, and Shopp.

    All of them have the ability to add variants and “add-ons”. Looks like Woocommerce wants $50 for the “add-on” feature. If Woocommerce this is the best option, $50 is worth it. I added a few variants and when I tested it out and went to pick a combination. If I pick the batter and hesitate for a few seconds before I choose the icing/frosting it “freezes” and says this “product combination does not exist” (or something to that effect) and by freezes I mean it does not allow me to click the drop downs anymore.

    I noticed WP E-commerce has an image for each variant (yay) but when I test it out and pick a combination of variants that I had uploaded an image, the image does not display. Only when checking out, so I see the image in the list of items in my cart. Why does the image not show when the combination was selected?

    I tried Shopp as well – it works, looks ok, but doesn’t have images for the variants?

    So, based one what I am looking to do with an e-commerce plugin and what I have discovered so far, what plugin should I proceed with and how can I go about solving whatever issue i am running into?

    Thanks a bazillion!

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  • I just realized the issue with “Combination of product variants is not available” that causes the page to “freeze” and not allow me to change the drop downs after that message appears, is actually happening with WP E-commerce, not Woocommerce.

    I tried using wp-commerce and woo…
    I choose woocommerce!

    I think it is better documented, less bugs, and also more beautiful themes.

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