• Problems with the widget from woocommerce in the widget from it, “recently viewed products”, the name is displayed in 2 languages, along with separators
    How to fix it?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • same, following…

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    simply installing qTranslate XT


    Hi stevr1it
    I installed it months ago, but still see the 2 languages and the relative tags on the widget. Can’t figure out why..

    not x but xt

    yes, that’s what I meant. XT



    I recommend using qtranslate Tx
    I don’t know if this plugin works with ecommerce! maybe they have yet to elaborate!
    Have you checked the latest updated version?

    It will soon be updated and active like all plugins.

    I ask all the experts of the plugin if it is possible to notify in this assistance when and whenever there will be an updated plugin.
    Unfortunately for now you have to download it manually.
    Thank you

    Hi Giuseppe,
    qTranslate xt works perfectly with woocommerce. I’ve installed GitHub Updater on my wordpress site, it takes care of checking whether an update for the qtranslate Xt is available and it prompts automatically in case it is.
    My only issue with XT is in the product widgets (most viewed, most popular etc..), where it doesn’t work properly, but keep showing the code [:it] [:en] and so on…



    Sorry, in fact mine was not an answer but a hypothesis. In fact I wasn’t sure! But, you’re Italian?

    I can’t find github-updater among the WP pplugins, it must be installed as qtranslate TX?
    Can you tell me later if I have to do some action to activate it?

    My fear is always when Yoast updates the pugin, in fact when I have to update Yoast for safety I temporarily disable Qtranslate TX and then I reactivate it when he’s done.

    do you also use qtranslate TX with Guttenberg?

    I in the widgets in some applications intervene manually for that problem you wrote, in fact I had that problem and in the slidebar I had the writing: IN ITALIAN
    I solved it by manually adding the code [en] [it]
    But I don’t know if it’s the same thing!

    Hi, yes I’m italian, your can PM me if you need help with Github updater. You can download it from here: https://github.com/afragen/github-updater

    I don’t like Gutemberg, I use the classic editor plugin.



    Scusa cos’è PM? Scusa ma sono poco pratico!

    Si ho scaricato il Plugin, ma devo solo attivarlo?

    Si anche me non piace Gutemberg, mi fa sch..
    Anch’io uso il classi editor plugin, ma la mia paura che non durerà per sempre!

    Spiegami il PM! ti prego 😀


    @directordayking ciao ancora, intendevo di scrivermi in privato in modo da poter usare l’italiano, non credo sia molto corretto usarlo qui.



    avevo immaginato, ma come si fa?

    ho cercato, non si può, pensavo di sì! sorry my bad



    Ok, so let’s continue in English. I use the Google translator!
    I installed and activated the plugin, I don’t have to do anything else right?
    Sorry for the break in Italian!

    yes, now you will probably see an update available for qtranslate-xt, unless you have the latest version.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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