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  • Hello Friends,

    I am using the theme Kinetico, which is currently only supporting WP 3.4 and Woocommerce 1.6.x and it seems the dev has not fullfilled his support requests in a long time, so i’m reaching out for some guidance.

    Everything works fantastic, except for one, very annoying fact. When using a variable product, attributes, and setting images to each of those attributes, this theme will do everything but display the updated product photo. It’s absolutely the theme, because a with a switch to the 2012 theme and boom, the product image changes when a new attribute is selected. That’s the only function that is not working.

    I’ve read the integration docs, and i’m not sure if doing that will even help this issue. I’ve tried some other themes and have noticed the same issue, so i’m hoping someone has fixed a good theme in this area somewhere?

    Is there someone who knows what to fix in the code to get those variations to display their new images? I know i have to let woo do its job, and block the theme from doing whats blocking it. i just don’t know where to look. Will the woo docs integration solutions fix issues like this? Or is this something i need to trash this theme for. I absolutely need this to work as my MAIN product has 82 variations, that look identical, just different colors and a certain characteristic. I really need to display these other colors as it would make my site breathe so much easier then a user scrolling through all the pages to pick and chose individually when they can have it all right in one product. I even purchased the woo themes swatch plugin to make this part awesome, so im really really sad. Please help my good people!

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