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  • I have been working through some options to find the best way to manage stock for our store.
    We sell corporate gift boxes that include wine and glasses.
    Currently we have gift boxes set up as variable products with 3 variables:
    1. wine variety (red wine, white wine, champagne etc)
    2. wine quality (gold, silver, bronze)
    3. Box logo (15 options)

    The glasses included in the box are set by the type of box (product) that is ordered

    We have 5 different gift boxes (products) available that all include the 3 variables listed above.

    This has been working well for receiving orders but we now want to add the ability to control our stock.

    To do this we need an order for a gift box to bundle together 3 items of stock:
    1. The box (product) with logo (set by variable)
    2. The wine (set by variables and taken from a pool of stock available for all boxes)
    3. The glasses (not a variable, set by the box chosen and taken from a pool of stock available for multiple box types)

    I have not been able to configure product bundles to allow for all the variables and composite products don’t seem to allow all the options either.

    Can anybody suggest a plugin or process that could work?
    We hold stock of 10 wine variables, 4 glass variables each box

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