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    Hello, I’m creating a Webshop with Woocommerce and have different Topics I can’t solve on my own.

    I’m Running the latest version of WordPress and Woocommerce so everything is updated.

    I want to sell printed Products like business cards with a variable fix amount and a fix price based on the amount and the quality the client choose.

    β€’ So the fix amounts the client could choose should be 25, 50, 75, 100, 250 pieces
    β€’ Paper Quality options like 300g matt, 400g matt etc…
    β€’ Pricing for example
    25 pcs. with quality 300g matt = 25$
    25 pcs. with quality 400g matt = 26$

    50 pcs. with quality 300g matt = 33$

    75 pcs. with quality 300g matt = 37$
    75 pcs. with quality 400g matt = 40$
    and so on…

    + maybe also the option to show all prices at once as a table. So the client can choose the right quantity by clicking on the right line of table with the quantity he wants.

    Best regards and thx for any help I can get

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  • You could create a variable product:

    One variation for Quantity
    One for Paper Quality

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    But how to handle the Problem with the quantity of 25, 50, 75… So someone can’t buy just 7 pieces and the right pricing for the right quantity?

    You would set the variations exactly like the example in your original post.

    Then the customer would select, for example, 50pcs and 309g Matt from the variation selections.

    The quantity near thecAdd To Cart button would then be how many packs of 50 309gm Matt cards they want.

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    Thx for replying…

    But I don’t get the solution from your feedback to set fix amounts. So the client can just select 25, 50, 75, 100… and depending on his quantity to show the variable price for the different paper qualities?

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    Sry for replying so late… now I got the point you mentioned! thank you very much for your help. (basically it was just so easy but anyway πŸ™‚ )

    2 other questions just came in my mind:

    1. how did you remove the amounts field next to the “add to the cart” button?
    2. Is it possible to Copy the price list to other Products? or even to a category so every article in the same category has the same attributes and prices?

    Main wish is to change the prices without editing every product separately so. something like a global attribute and price for specific categories?


    Have a look at this:

    You can duplicate a product with all the attributes set and edit the name and description etc

    There isn’t a way to have w global variation with prices – the variation price is set in the individual product unfortunately.

    I would use a CSV import – you can just use SKU and Price columns to update the pricing

    If it’s something you are going to do regularly then I would really recommend this to edit poducts – saved me hours of work:

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    got it! I think I firstly want to try it with the csv import (just want to try a shop) and than upgrade to the plugin from codecanyon stepbystep πŸ™‚

    one last question… is it possible to leave a message inside the product page… so for example a client wants to buy a business card, so he can leave his personal information and I can design it with the details and print it for the client?

    You’d need a Product Options type plugin – there’s lots of free ones on here:

    If you want more features I use this:

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    Ok thank you very much for your help seank123 πŸ™‚ Is it possible to gibe a positive voting for your support?

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    Hello seank123 it’s me again. so I now have a problem… I have about 150 variations… and now if I’m going to the Product in the frontend, I can choose whatever I want. also configurations I don’t even mixed in the products “variation” part, with the message “pls select an other combination…”

    can you imagine where the Problem is?

    Are you sure each variation has a price set? Are they set to In Stock also?

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    Yes I also exported the CSV of the products to check if the price is really set… Products are also in stock.

    I just created a new product with just a few options… that works perfectly…

    but if there are more then 50 variations it shows me every possible selection…just tried it with 50 variations also show me every possible option

    i turned every article on stock and set the same price to every product but it doesn’t work

    Ah right – sorry, misunderstood the question! There is a limit built into WooCommerce to stop server overloads with lots of variations.

    You can override it with:

    add_filter( 'woocommerce_ajax_variation_threshold', 'ww_ajax_variation_threshold', 10, 2 );
    function ww_ajax_variation_threshold( $default, $product ) {
    	return 200; // increase this number if needed

    Put that in your child theme’s functions.php file or use this:

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    Worked perfectly with the child theme thank you very much πŸ™‚

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