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  • abhinav1506



    Default woocommerce roles like customer, shop manager, Seo Manager , etc are missing and this has the ability to assign only wordpress roles. Although for a customer there is a customer capability but not a role , so this becomes confusing . further if you update the same customer as an editor then the customer capability dissapears from every aspect of this plugin .so do watch out as if you have a customer and then you for some reason decide to update their role as an editor then after updating their customer capability is non restorable. so this is the issue with customer capability checkboxes which dissapears after updating to another wordpress roles and then reverting back to customer.

    Other woocommerce roles like shop manager also behave the same way as described above .

    Lastly if assign a user to manage my woocommerce store then there is no option to hid woocommerce settings nd other aspects of woocommerce on the user dashboard. We only want that the Shop employee check order logs, customer list, customer wallet details, customer history and profile info, but, we dont want this user to have access to woocommerce settings etc. and other stuff like wootabbed, or woo related , or woo extensions , even some other plugins like PW bulk editor show up for reasons beyond my understanding as i can see that i have assigned this user only few woocommerce roles. i have tested all permutations and combinations by adding or removing this users capabilities under woocommerce but with no result . infact im growing frusterated everyday by this now. There is no such option mentioned inthe pro version aswell.

    I feel The author should be looking into the ease of use as when managing large ecommerce sites with such sensitive customer info and not having a proper woocommerce user role editor renders this plugin to be pretty much useless.

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