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    A bit more than a month ago i tried to upgrade to the new WooCommerce as we were needing to have the REST API so we could proceed with QuickBooks integration. At the time things seemed to be a bit buggy, so i’ve let a month go by before trying to update again…

    While things moved more smoothly this time, i’ve ended up with my homepage totally broken ( – before it used to be full width and all graphics would display properly… now it shows just 2 out of 3 vertical graphics, graphic at the top is reduced, and there are a few things missing – the shop home page should also show the top menu with buy anova, buy rl48 + banner as it is on this page : .

    The method i was using to detect whether we were on the shop homepage is ‘is_shop()’, which doesn’t seem to be producing results… not even is_page( wc_get_page_id( ‘shop’ ) or is_page ( 2310 ) (yep, 2310 is the page ID).

    Also, it added pagination and it came up with a random (is it random ? is it not ? how can i remove it ? how can i tweak it ?) number of 3 pages to show, despite there’s nothing in there to show….

    By the way, after upgrading, i’ve deactivated WooCommerce, activated again, and refreshed the permalinks so WordPress and WooCommerce are on the same page (as advised by someone previously).

    All the help would be really appreciated, thank you all for your help!

    Best regards!

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  • Hi,

    Managed to sort something out! Basically, where before i had some stuff on woocommerce.php for the shop homepage, now had to move to wrapper-start.php inside the template>globals folder. Obviously, also had to edit wrapper-end.php so i could close all div’s and keep the template/layout intact.

    Also, removed the pagination on functions.php by using the following code – remove_action(‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop’, ‘woocommerce_pagination’, 10); – not pretty sure if this removes pagination for all woocommerce shop pages, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

    If anyone has any suggestions or this has been helpful, awesome! Also, this tutorial shed some initial light :

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