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  • salsatrips


    Subsribe. Same issues with Thesis 1.82 and Twenty Eleven 1.3 since woocommerce 1.4.1

    Mike Jolley


    You can re-scan the localisation files using until the bundled localisation is updated.

    I’m not able to re-create the checkout issue, but I wonder if you are using any other plugins, perhaps Yoast’s SEO?

    Mike Jolley


    Actually, if you mail FTP info to [removed] I can debug that checkout redirect to see if its the config or the plugin at fault.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Halfelf Rogue & Plugin Review Team Rep

    Mike, I hate to say this but please dont’ ask people to give you FTP info here.

    The problem is not that YOU aren’t trustworthy, it’s that the common man has no way of knowing that, and it pushes forward the idea that its totally okay to give an internet stranger your FTP info. Which … No, it’s not. I mean, it can be, but generally telling a stranger your user ID and password is a really dumb idea. It’s like giving a strnager your car keys.

    If sheann’s a paying customer for woo, you guys have a form there for support right? THAT should be used if you want to give access 🙂 Not the forums here, please. Let’s try to teach people to keep themselves secure.

    Mike Jolley


    @ipstenu ok 🙂 Sorry.

    @sheann – perform these steps,

    1/ Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Pages – check and save your configuration

    2/ This tracking page for some reason is your parent page for both the cart and checkout – cart and checkout should be top level pages so edit those and remove the parent settings.

    Do that and it should work.



    I seemed to locate the problem. I went to WooCommerce > Settings > Pages and I had both woocommerce_checkout and woocommerce_pay directing to the checkout page.

    So I created a new page (not sure what happened to the old one) with the shortcode [woocommerce_pay] and directed the woocommerce_pay (parent check out) to this page. And the checkout works fine now.

    I still have one small problem… the checkout button is not translated into Dutch anymore. It used to be called Afrekenen. Can I change this myself somewhere. I have the plugin Woocommerce (NL) installed but this doesn’t seem to help.

    @sheann, you can use the plugin to add the translation, as mentioned by mikejolley.



    Geert: I must have overlooked that answer from Mike. Thanks for pointing it out. I will take a look at the plugin.

    Mike: Thanks alot for your help too. And Kudos for WooCommerce! It’s a great plugin.

    i have a site which works fine but when i go on to the checkout it loads and then i fill in all the info and then click place order and it just has the little loading circle and i have left it running over night but no luck and i cant find any one else with the same issue as me. please help me

    it is on a test server ATM.

    please help me

    @mmediadesign: Try posting your own topic instead of posting multiple times to old, previously resolved, topics.

    dont know how to

    HI: The check -out page/button will not appear unless I click on the image of the item or the link right below the item selected- then I’m sent to the checkout page. It seems redundant to have add to cart button on the featured products page and have the image and it’s link below send to the same page- maybe only if add to cart button worked. Other issues are the permalinks appearing at the top of post page area- where in the editor can I edit this out? This seems like a nice plugin but too many techi issues for a semi green wp newbie
    here is the page:
    go to shop
    any help would be cool

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