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  • Even after all the updates, I still have these same errors. These are not warnings to be ignored, they are errors!




    The ones mentioned above have actually been fixed. At least we are not getting any errors or warning about them anymore.

    These fields are still not included. They are not causing errors though, only warnings.

    We do not understand why woocommerce has not simply added them to the cart when they know they are being asked for by Google.

    Clearly availability and offercount should be there. Google relies on those heavily in product search. If you go out of stock, google will take you right off product search.

    Warning Missing field “brand”

    Warning No global identifier provided (e.g., gtin, mpn, isbn)

    Warning Invalid value type for field “availability”

    Warning Missing field “offerCount”

    If you take a screenshot of the warnings maybe I can get a better idea of what is going on. There may even be a conflict with another plugin.



    For those getting the “Reviews” and “Aggregate Reviews” error. That will show if the product has yet to receive any reviews. @prullie @joaquincuesta

    My issue is that the SKU is considered different than MPN. Woo does take the SKU and adds it to schema markup, but does not provide support for MPN. In my case the two numbers would be the same since we are the OEM and the two numbers are the same. I can see for resellers how that could be different. It would be good if Woo cold support the use of both so that SEO plugins can then get MPN data for schema.

    As for “Brand” I was able to make this work buy getting the Yoast for Woo pay addon and then setting a Woo product attribute called Brand and then adding the appropriate brand name in the terms for the attribute, followed by adding the attribute to each product in Woo. Would be great if Woo could support schema better but it seems mostly managed by SEO plugins.



    I’ve read that woocommerce has deployed a fix.

    However, I am wondering how to deal with products that AREN’T supposed to have reviews. How do we make the error go?



    Also facing this problem.



    Any luck? Woocommerce just had an update and I’ve still got these missing field errors.

    Any one find a solution? Thanks

    We are running into this schema issue in Google Console for our client’s site as well. Plugin updated.

    Example product:




    We now have 0 valid products, 0 errors and a couple dozen warnings in search console.

    We are running storefront ( great e-commerce theme ) and woocommerce. Is anyone else having issues with Google refusing to validate their products?

    I really do not know how much more information Woocommerce needs to reach the conclusion that they need to get this cart compliant with the current schema.

    They should consider making a plugin that does it. Although the cart should be compliant out of the box. We are not talking about any extras here.

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    You should start a new thread. Your issue is likely different and this thread is marked “resolved”.

    When you start a new thread, be specific about your problem and provide other supporting information, such as SEO plugins you may have, semantic markup plugins, etc.




    I am not going to start a new thread. The post I made is directly related to this issue. Almost all of those fields are still getting warnings. Not errors but warnings. Because Google will not validate any of our products, I was wondering if this is something effecting other users.

    The issue we are having has nothing to do with any other plugins we might be running. ( We are not running any that would effect this. ) It has to do with us having 0 valid products, 0 errors and several dozen warnings. Google has been saying for over a year now that warnings may effect search ranking. Are they now acting on that?

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    After looking around, it appears ( at least in our Google Search Console ) that Google is now rating pages 3 ways.

    1. Valid
    2. Valid with Warnings
    3. Error(s)

    So with the warning for the “Brand Field” and the “Global Identifier Field” we have “0” valid products.

    There is no way to tell how, or if, this is effecting search ranking but it would be ideal to get those warnings fixed.

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