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  • Amal


    I have the same issue.

    How can you correct this, also how to get average rating of all products with stat rating on homepage?



    Hey @amelia

    Thank for participating in this thread. These errors are inexcusable.

    Everyone using woocommerce is getting the errors.

    The demonstration links in the post are from the storefront theme.

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    Here is a screenshot from google search console. Keep in mind we only have 21 products on the site now.

    Any shop running woocommerce is going to be getting errors like this.

    Here is a markup test for one of our product pages.

    warning; brand
    The brand field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
    warning: review
    The review field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.
    warning offerCount
    The offerCount field is recommended. Please provide a value if available.

    Missing product ID

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    Aye, same here. I’m one one of “every Woocommerce user”.

    Fortunately I’m using a plugin named “WooCommerce Germanized” for some features I need to run a shop according to german and european laws, which offers some of data Google wants to know as some kind of “side effect”.
    (Don’t get this wrong for a solution outside of germany, it changes many things really deeply especially for german law. It may collide with your local laws!)

    Unfortunately it only offers data for some minor warnings in the GSC.

    The major ERRORS, named missing “offers”, “review” and “aggregateRating” remain.

    Before all it is mostly annoying that woocommerce seems to miss the “offers” shema completely.

    I hope there will be an update fixing this soon. Cause without, woocommerce will become unattractive to every merchant who is interested in doing earnestly business within weeks.
    If we like or not, we need google and we need our rankings.

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    Gal Baras


    Just to clarify, this only happens on archive pages. On single product pages, things seem to be OK. See

    Also, it’s not a new thing, so it doesn’t see like 3.5.5 has changed anything in schema output.

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    This happens on every single woocommerce page ( that I know of ).

    The link you supplied has 1 breadcrums error and 4 product warnings.

    No, It is not OK. At this time woocommerce is missing several “basic” schema fields.
    Did you have a look at my screen shot of google search console?

    Ya, We need Google and we definitely need to have good ranking. I can certainly agree that woocommerce will become unattractive if it does not even have basic schema.

    Gal Baras


    I think this is VERY important and should be fixed. I was trying to clarify as a way to narrow down the problem.

    I see that there’s a Github issue for this. If that’s you, you’ve found the right place to make a difference and well done. I’ve commented on it and linked back here.



    Also got these problems. Let’s have a fix please, Woocommerce!



    Same happens to me on to sites with woocommerce *shocked*

    Plugin Support Rynald0s


    Automattic Happiness Engineer

    Dear Rynald0s,

    in case you’ve overseen it: There are two issues in this thread.
    One with the markup on the product pages which throws warnings in GSC.
    This is the one at github #22842.

    The second issue is mentioned by @smokingblends in the 3rd reply.
    It is the one that concerns the archive pages (product category) and throws errors in the GSC.

    It is nice to read that there seems to be a solution for the first issue. Haven’t tried it yet.
    But what about the archive pages? Is there a solution similar to #22842?

    And could you please give us a hint when Automattic is planning to fix this in future versions?
    It’s nice to have a snippet that works… more or less clean… for now… but shouldn’t schema markup be included in the core-product, and not by some user-workaround?



    Yes, me too I would like to know this too. Even with the snippet archive pages on google search console show error in live test.

    @rynald0s is woocommerce going to fix it with a plugin update?

    Supposedly this is fixed in 3.5.6? I’m still getting the errors and the patches are no help.

    It’s fixed for me all errors are dissapeared in the google search console after vevalidating (took 4 days)

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