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    Can anyone tell me what can be used for calculating the correct sales tax amount based on district/zip/postal code for a woocommerce theme?

    Woocommerce has a field for “Local Sales Tax” but you have to manually enter in all the states and re-enter each state with the zip codes tax rate for that area. It would basically take a year to put it all in. And there’s still a chance that some of them wouldn’t be correct when it’s all said and done.

    I’ve looked for tons of plugins and woocommerce has not developed a tax cloud that automatically calculates the tax based on the address and postal codes.

    I looked at and even called them. They said they currently don’t support a way to integrate their API and stuff with woocommerce theme. But said maybe it could be done if you had a developer edit the files and test it.

    I need a solution. Calculation the sales tax at a state level does not work because it differs by district in each state. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP! Days of research and getting nowhere.

    BTW. I manually process credit cards, so I basically capture the information that is submitted and then take that information and manually enter it somewhere else. I can’t use my own merchant because I use another companies merchant to process. Long story, but that’s the short of it.

    Any suggestions or helpful answers is much appreciated!

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  • I wrote a plugin to handle importing locality tax rates in the US for a client recently, and decided to start selling it since it seems like an incredibly common request. 🙂

    The plugin allows you to import the zip code tax rate tables from directly into the WooCommerce tax rates table via file upload. tables are currently free for download with registration. You would need to visit these to import new files periodically though, this just simplifies the import/update process down to a few clicks.

    can you provide screenshots of how the backend looks? I’m really interested in buying the plugin since it’s very essential.

    Would I be able to modify it to my liking?
    What I mean is as of right now I only want to tax California and anything outside of california won’t get taxxed. Would I be able to do this with your plugin?



    I’ve updated the plugin page with screenshots. Take a look!

    Yes, you can import just one state and modify the plugin as you like. I just ask that you don’t distribute the plugin, modified or otherwise.

    Thanks!! I love you’re plugin!! worked with out any hesitations!

    May I ask what you used to calculate shipping cost?



    I’m not sure what you mean about shipping costs, my plugin is just an import utility to get the huge number of entries required for US tax data into WooCommerce easily and doesn’t do any tax or shipping calculations. The calculations themselves are part of WooCommerce.


    Oh I don’t think I was explaining my self correctly but what I meant to say was is there any shipping plugins that you would recommend? or that you have used?


    It depends what kind of shipping rates you want to support. WooCommerce has a bunch of plugins for various common shipping types and services in their Extensions directory.

    I’m 90% of the way done writing a per-product shipping plugin that is a bit more robust than the Woo per-product extension. But I hesitate to call that even a pre-alpha release with how much development and testing I still have to do so I haven’t released it into the wild yet. 🙂


    I’m looking to support Local, Out of State and International. I’ve seen this plugin on woocommerce I think I might go with it.

    Per Product wouldn’t be ideal for me because I have 1600+ items and we’re going to be putting a lot more. What I would like to do with the shipping is by weight and dimension. I’m currently migrating a ecommerce store to woocommerce and that’s how my client currently does shipping is by weight and dimensions.

    Let me know when you release the plugin as well!

    Thank you for responding back as well! I appreciate your input!

    @ksemel we would be happy to work with you to enable woo to work with TaxCloud. Please call us to discuss, our phone number is at the top of every web page on our site. My extension is 1516. Thanks!

    Hi there- I’m interested in trying out your plug-in, but your site seems to be non-functional. I cannot purchase the plugin or send you a message. Is there an alternate way to download or contact you? Thanks.

    @hellbertos – Can you please elaborate on what site seems to be non-functional? Our site is and it is online, and has been online uninterrupted since launch (in 2010). If you are looking for PHP samples to integrate TaxCloud with WooCommerce, several have already been developed. I would also add that our API is very easy to use, so you could probably dev your own implementation by pointing your dev environment at our TaxCloud WSDL. If you have any questions, please email us at

    Hi @hellbertos,

    Had a minor hosting snafu last night that I’ve resolved since. Site is back up and the plugin is available for purchase again.

    – Kathy

    There is also a Word Press E-commerce and Woo plug-in for Avatax by Avalara. It was developed by Adipietro Technologies. Here’s the link:
    It’s a cloud based solution, gives you real-time access to the best liability reports I have seen and they can do the filing for you or not. It’s not a free service, but the quality it provides is second to none, so I understand why it’s not free.



    @alohabrooke, can you give us an idea of what Avatax costs? I get tweaked when services do not give a plain explanation pricing but instead invite you to contact sales. Even a ballpark would tell me if it’s something I should expend time on in pursuing.

    I look forward to the rollout by @ksemel of her new plugin for TaxCloud. In mid-March she posted that it’s coming soon! See For me, it can’t come soon enough, and I have just offered to be a tester, in case it’s helpful.



    Thanks for the response. I am happy to give you pricing but you would in fact, have to talk to me in person for me to give you pricing because it’s based on volume of invoices you process through the solution. I know exactly what you mean about being frustrated that pricing isn’t made clear or put out there online, but it would be a nightmare because people would continuously be pricing themselves wrong…there are just too many variables to take into account!
    I can tell you that the cheapest service is currently $100 per year…it goes up from there depending on:
    – Number of transactions you run through Avatax
    – Whether you are using us to file for you
    – The complexity of products/services you sell…Avatax provides the taxability variables/logic behind a plethora of products/services ( hundreds…coming into the thousand range)and we maintain our own data so our quality control is tight.
    Feel free to e-mail me personally or just call our main number: 877-780-4848 and hit 1239 for my extension. I’m happy to share any information you need to know.
    I’m NOT about keeping anything secret, but I am definitely a stickler for giving people accurate and honest information so I just can’t attempt to tell you what it would cost you without knowing anything about how you would use us, what you need or your business model.
    I will be interested to see your feedback on the new TaxCloud solution. It’s always good for businesses to have options because everyone has a different need and it’s important to have a variety of services which meet different needs.
    I’m not privy to how you access your information and in what form when you need to run reports for your sales/liabilities with their solution, but I am curious to know how it works for you.

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