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    I have a found a few things I would be happy if someone could shed some light.

    I found that, when creating categories, when i create them without “Parent” which means every category stands on its on, and use them as link navigation for the website, the urls are shorten which is good for SEO.

    On the other hand, If i create these categories and used some as parent categories, when i want to use those subs, i end up with very long urls.

    Now this is the issue I am trying to find out, When I create these categories without “parent” and later on return to give the very same categories a parent, the url does not change which means I am left with short urls even though they are linked to a parent category. The parent category does not show up which is good for SEO.

    Is there anything wrong if i decide to create my categories without a “parent”, finish setting up the website then return to them and drag and drop various items under a relevant parent category?

    1 – no parent category
    2 – With parent category

    But note that When I return and create the parent category while I have my navigation set up already, “Camera” i end up with a url that has no parent, see below

    3 why is the parent category (Electronics) not converted automatically despite the fact, camera has been placed under electronics?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Hi @stanleyuroy11,

    Interesting observation there! I was able to duplicate this on my test site. If I gave an existing category a parent category, I could then pull up the category archive via the original URL and also the one with the parent category in it.

    It appears that the category slug is still accessible even if there are parent categories above it. As near as I can tell, that appears to work.

    If you run into any trouble with it, let us know.


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    Excellent, I am happy to have someone concur with my SEO approach. It took me approximately two years to discover this approach because I’d always wanted to enhance woocommerce’s SEO.

    I am not asking for the Credit for this discovery. I have taken the Credit. I own the credit. Lol

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    Hi @3sonsdevelopment , Is there a means to incorporate this approach into Woocommerce taxonomy? It would be nice and perhaps the best approach to SEO for Woocommerce if you guys can find a way to make it work for all, out of the box, without having to go forward and backward, I suggest

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    We’re always wanting to improve WooCommerce. You’re welcome to open up an enhancement request for this. That way it’ll be in front of the developers so they can take a look and see if they think it would be a good fit for Woo overall.


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