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    I can’t believe I cannot get an answer to this question chatting for almost an hour with Chat Support via WooCommerce. I simply asked if the reason why I get the “WooCommerce Account Connected: no” warning is due to activating the Core plugin on more than two completely different domains, then how do I set up WC with more than 2 independent domains. That’s question 1.

    She pointed me to multisite pages and told her I do not have a multisite setup. Is this warning telling me that I do not have an account…with an ACTIVE SUBSCRIPTION? If THAT is the case, the NOWHERE on WC does it specifically say that this warning is ONLY for that. If this is NOT the case, then how do I connect that WC site with my WC account?

    The next question is a follow-up. Where on WC can I see what domains I have set up with WC?

    Honestly, trying to connect this WC account thing is like walking into a room with a light bulb turned off and no light switch, but reading a warning sign on the door that says to turn on to enter. Lol…I just can’t believe this. WC needs to be touched by the hand of logic.

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    Hi there!

    * WooCommerce Account Connected: no means that your site is not connected to your account.
    * You can have multiple sites connected to your account, but only activate and request support for sites you have licenses purchased
    * Here’s how you can connect your site to your account: Connect your site to account – Documentation

    Where on WC can I see what domains I have set up with WC?

    You can take a look at the subscriptions, and where they are connected under once you’re logged in to the account that is connected to your site.

    Please do note that while we can answer about the basic configuration options that come with WooCommerce on the forums, if you have questions specific to your account and Subscriptions at, please reach out to us directly at with a System Status Report of the site you’d like to enquire about.

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    Here’s the answer I just got from Mouli at WooCommerce:

    If you go to Dashboard ➔ WooCommerce ➔ Extensions ➔ My Subscriptions you will see the option to connect to

    It was that simple.

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