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    After having installed all the latest updates (including WP 5.7.1), I’ve discovered that the Woocommerce status widget has disappeared off the WordPress Admin dashboard, and the option to add it is also missing from the Screen Options drop-down panel.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

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  • krcashen


    Revisiting the WooCommerce setup worked for me as well. After I re-entered the Stripe Payment Gateway the widget re-appeared.

    Plugin Support abwaita a11n


    Glad to hear that the workaround by @nifty123 worked.

    I’ll mark this thread as resolved from here. If the discussed workaround doesn’t work for anyone, I recommend creating a new thread.

    Thank you all!



    I finally got the status widget back by:

    following ALL the 7 steps Woo is forcing me to follow.
    I skipped all that can be skipped.
    Some can not be skipped, like Set Marketing tools. (WTF)
    I had to install Mailpoet and after install remove the plugin.

    And I had to clear my cache.
    Now the status widget is not pointing me to the steps,
    is is showing the status again.

    Absurd behavior by Woo.
    My shop is 10 years old, but they seem to think it is a new shop.
    And forcing me to install Mailpoet is crazy.

    Stop doing this Woo, or is Woo going bad? Are the Woo marketing people with their simple minds getting too much power at Woo?



    Of all the convoluted nonsense!

    I too have the same issue with the same symptoms. I could not get the setup widget to go away until I faked certain steps- “skipping” them did nothing. Then the setup widget still stayed there but it was just an empty box.

    I had to repeat the setup wizard again in order to get the dashboard widgets to sort themselves out. I’ve had my store installed and working for over a year so why does something like this keep happening? Is the development team not beta testing each release?

    Add this issue to the constantly having to edit the database to dismiss the “thank you” notice after updating.

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    Well, it seems I have this problem back again now! A setup widget that won’t go away, and no WC dashboard widget. This time, ‘pretending’ to complete the setup wizard made no difference, and I can’t get the WC widget back.



    Plugin Support Sunday Ukafia (a11n)


    Hi there,

    This issue is caused by a known bug and our development team is working on a fix.

    The temporary fix, for now, is either to:

    1. Complete the setup checklist – You can open each one up, change a few settings, save changes so it’s detected and marked as completed. (Then revert the changes).

    2. Hide the tasklist – Go to WooCommerce > Home Screen, on the tasklist select the 3 dot menu and click “Hide this button”:

    That should hide the tasklist and return the status widget.

    Thank you for your patience while we look into this.

    Thread Starter kfutter


    Thanks for your replay and suggested solutions, @sukafia. The second option of hiding the task list worked for me, but I’m glad to hear you guys are working on a fix for the bug.


    Plugin Support Sunday Ukafia (a11n)


    I’m glad to hear that worked. Cheers!

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