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  • As of this morning, Woocommerce Dashboard is just not loading, and while it tries to load the CPU usage on the host goes to 100% and the site turns super super slow.

    I can do everything else just fine, except anything that has to do with the stats from sales and so on (woocommerce dashboard related).

    More people are experiencing this, is this any problem from my end or woocommerce’s plugin end?

    There have been no plugin updates in the between, it just got this error since today, without any change on the site or any plugin.

    Print of the issue:

    Thanks in advance!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • i have the exact same issue, occured this morning after NO CHANGES to the site.

    After deactivating all plugins, changing theme, rolling back woocommerce version i am at a loss..

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    @paradisecbd I got a workaround.. I installed another plugin “disable woocommerce bloat” and it deactivates all stats from the woocommerce dashboard, you can still see the orders list so.. you only miss the numbers. but as the name implies it’s a workaround, atleast I’ve the site working like this and I can receive orders.

    I have the same issue. However, I have worked out how to trigger this and stop it for now.
    The Analytics Overview loads the graph, it does not load the figures. CPU goes high, well over 50% and remains there. If I move to a different screen, CPU remains high suggesting an ongoing process in a loop. There are no console errors.
    To resolve it, just logout of WordPress admin. CPU returns to near zero. Closing the browser windows does not resolve it.
    The Analytics Settings screen now does nothing. WordPress menu bars are in place, but the middle of the screen is just blank. No errors are displayed. There are two Chrome Console error: Minified React error #185.
    However, all other Analytics screens are OK. High CPU for a second or so as data is collected, then back to near zero.

    I have the exact same issue.

    I narrowed the problem down – it’s a problem with the DST time change happening today.

    I didn’t have the time to fully investigate on this issue, but one thing is that TimeInterval::next_week_start() ends in an infinite loop on this day.

    This resolved issues on weekly reports, but the daily report for yesterday is still broken.

    @iopodx this has been going on for some days now, maybe a couple of weeks, not just the time changes this weekend. However the broken overview report is now working, and not caning the CPU.
    The Analytics Settings page is still blank.

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    Hmm I’m tempted to deactivate the plugin that disables the stats from the woocommerce dashboard.. but at the same time I’m a bit worried that when I do that the site goes nuts again like yesterday (I had the site down atleast a couple of hours thanks to the CPU going 100% consistently).

    I’ll wait a bit more for some support feedback if there’s any, otherwise I’ll try tomorrow to activate every stat again and hope it’s fixed.

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