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  • Plugin Author royho


    From your description, it seems you’re trying to use a FREE shared SSL. While this may work, it is highly recommended you get your own private SSL.

    You can try plugins like wp-https…Make sure you’re only securing the checkout and not your whole site and make sure proper redirection is happening when going from a secured page to a non secured page. In addition, you may also need to fix any insecured items that may be on the page. You will know as browsers can show you if a site has insecured items, especially IE browsers.

    Thanks Royho for your reply.

    We’re actually using our own private SSL:

    Our main website is on

    I have followed your recommendation of using the wp-https plugin, which seems to work very well. Using the “URL Filters” functionality in wp-https I was able to to setup “/checkout/”, “/my-account/”, “/order-tracking/”, “/cart/” etc for WooCommerce’s shop pages.

    I have also disabled “Force SSL” in the WooCommerce plug-in as it was suggested on WooCommerce’s Known Conflicts page ( that this would interfere with wp-https.


    When placing items/products into WooCommerce’s shopping cart and then clicking on Checkout, this seems to cause WooCommerce to ‘lose’ the products in the cart after it transfers to the secure cart page.

    Any ideas? Your help so far has been appreciated.

    Plugin Author royho


    I am not understanding. If you have your own private SSL, why do you have Usually only shared SSL is done this way. Thus I asked if you’re using FREE ssl. It should just be

    Your products are dropping off because they are NOT the same URL. Even https and http is considered to be different.

    @wezcornell — Did you find a solution to this problem? I am having the same issue.


    I took the easy route 🙂 Our SSL (Extended Validation – green bar technology) certificate was for, so I just hosted the WHOLE site on that domain. At first, I thought that this may have an impact on page load response times etc but with modern resources these days it’s negligible.

    I’ve also noticed that users seem to trust the site a lot more with the whole site displaying the secure green bar/padlock.

    Plugin Author royho


    It is not a good practice to secure the whole site and it DOES impact load/resources. You just don’t see it because you have minimal traffic.

    Take the time to do it right if possible.

    Thanks to you both for the information!

    Hey @royho – does this go for small sites too?

    What is a good solution to this problem – ie – maintaining the cart contents, but switching from the insecure page, and over to a fully secured page?

    Can this be done on the same domain, but switching the HTTP to HTTPS via wordpress or something?

    Please help – there’s very few resources online for this kind of help.

    @wezcornell – how did you go with this – the site’s been set up for a while now, are there any long term impacts from being wholly secured?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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