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  • @jointartistic: You can always email / post on your site / tweet a coupon – whether you use another plugin or not.

    @nirav, is there an option in Smart Coupons wherein users can send gift certificates to other users from the front-end?

    Maybe like a form that can be used in the theme for the gift certificate sender to enter details of the receiver

    @nirav, it looks like there is something what I am intending to do in Smart Coupons although can I keep a variable price for the gift certificate?

    This means that the user will select the face value of the gift certificate that he wants to send to the receiver and then pay for that much amount only.



    @illuminatus7 There is one feature in Smart Coupons which allows customer to buy credit of any amount, but this will not give any drop down box to select amount of the credit.

    Visit this page Credit of any amount & navigate to section ‘Allow purchasing “Store Credit / Gift Certificate” of any amount

    Have you gone through this? Was this what you were looking for?

    @illuminatus7: BTW, if you have fixed denominations for the gift certificate, you can simply create variation products for each – and associate a smart coupon with each. Let customer select the denomination they want to buy, and they will get appropriate coupon (if the coupon was a gift certificate / store credit, they will get an option to enter the receiver info during checkout).

    @ratnakar, @nirav, Thanks both of you for your help. This solves my queries.

    Will get the plugin soon! 🙂

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    So far I love this plug-in. My only issue is that the user-priced gift certificates aren’t working properly. When I fill in the amount and add to cart, it shows up in the cart with no dollar amount, so my cart says I have one product in the cart but the value is $0. Any fix for this? I followed the instructions in the documentation to a T with no luck.

    I recently purchased Smart Coupons as it looked like it met most of my needs.

    However, one key issue which I’ve discovered is that it does appear to allow the expiration date of the coupon to be set automatically at the time the associated product is purchased. ie. 1 month or year from the date of purchase

    Rather it appears to require that you set the expiration date as a fixed date in time for all created instances of the coupon. This is a problem for me and may result in my being unable to use it.

    Does anyone have any insight into this issue or a work-around?



    @eyejammy You are right, even we noticed this error & we are working on this. Fix for this issue will be available in next version of Smart Coupons.

    For faster resolution of the issues, you can submit your queries related to Smart Coupons at Store Apps Support

    @john: This is actually a planned feature for a future release. We will add the ability to set number of days after which the coupon will expire – and this number will start from the day the coupon was created. We are working on another big feature for the immediate release, so the “expiry from day of creation” feature may not show up in the very next release. But it’s still high on our list and will come soon!



    @john This feature is added in Smart Coupons & it’ll be available from next version i.e. v1.3 onward.

    You can enter number of days for expiry & it’ll automatically set coupon’s expiry date after those many days from its creation.

    Thank you Nirav and Ratnakar. That is really good to hear. Any idea when v1.3 will be released? We need this feature to use the extension.



    Thanks Nirav and Ratnakar. I can’t wait for v1.3

    Both these plugins are close clones of each other.

    I bought and used IgniteWoo’s Gift Certificate Pro. I couldn’t
    even purchase Smart Coupons, Woothemes site rejected my credit card (never had that happen before, or since, on any website).

    With Ignitewoo’s Gift Certificates Pro plugin, one bug I immediately came across was that the coupon description field (for the admin’s reference) doesn’t save.

    What we didn’t get:
    We wanted a record of any gift vouchers/coupon codes in the
    user’s My Account area, so people can log in and view their coupon code/s at a later date rather than be forced to trawl through their emails. Nope. We were also hoping gift certificates could be downloaded for printing (Groupon style) because emails don’t print well/consistently as everyone knows. Nope.

    The reason: these plugins don’t generate anything download-able or viewable on-site by the user, just a coupon code delivered in an email which they then apply at checkout.

    As far as I can tell, only (the $99) produces a PDF
    with a voucher integrated into WooCommerce’s user-facing account area (for re-downloading).

    Gift Certificate Pro works, it’s just not what I would call, IMO, a gift certificate plugin which is surprising given its name, more of a coupon code generator with an emailer.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)
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