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  • I too would be interested in anybodies views on these two extensions. I have been looking for this functionality for some time.

    Also I am interested in a way to trial these extensions without having to commit to purchasing them.


    One very, very big difference is support. You can call us ( IgniteWoo ) for help and we answer the phone – even on weekends 😉

    We also do custom modifications for people that have special use cases.

    And, we have some very nice features for the upcoming next version release.

    Forgot to mention, regarding WooCommerce Gift Certificates Pro:

    Version 2.3 released December 14, 2012. This new version:

    – Lets you take control of many aspects of the templating system via easy to use plugin settings in the WP dashboard – no need to edit templates for the majority of the of content of the email templates.

    – Has a more flexible email template now, several aspects were moved out of the core code and into the template, giving you near total control over the look and feel.

    – Has a new email template previewer, so you can see exactly what your outbound gift cert / voucher emails will look like – without having to constantly generate a new test order.

    – Has the ability to insert QR Codes into the gift cert / store credit / voucher email messages – which is huge benefit for people using the plugin to sell gift certs meant to be used in an physical street-front store. Scan the QR Code on your PC / Mac / Mobile device and be taken directly to the related order in your WooCommerce Orders area ( requires that you login as an admin, of course ) for quick review, verification, etc.

    – Includes a powerful reporting interface to quickly get a view of what gift cert / voucher codes have been issued, what type they are, for what amount or discount percentage, who bought them, who the recipients were, associated order ID, date of purchase, and more. Plus reports can be exported to CSV, Excel, PDF, clipboard, or printed, all with the click of one button.

    Many new screenshots on the product page, for those interested.

    So those are some the major differences that are not present in the WooThemes Store Credit plugin, oh, and as I mentioned, we have excellent pre-sales and post-sales support.

    [ Ok so we don’t blow our own horn here in the public WP support forum, but since the question was asked, we felt obligated to answer ]

    Anybody comparing IgniteWoo’s Gift Certificate and WooCommerce Smart Coupons may want to read Smart Coupon’s documentation here.

    There are a number of differences in the two plugins – while there are many common things as well.

    Smart Coupons allows sending gift certificates to multiple people, applying coupons with single click, coupon auto generation, compatibility with other WooCommerce plugins, bulk import etc.

    Both plugins seem to be actively developed, maintained and supported.

    @gigi / @pu43x: what did you guys finally use? What’s your opinion?

    i bought the ignite woo version , unfortunately it is causing issues within woocommerce

    post a support request a day ago still no reply ?? I bought the ignite version as i thought their support would be good ! so far i am not totally impressed would have expected at least a “we are looking at it, give us admin access to check it”

    Nirav didn’t mention that he’s the author of Smart Coupons.

    We build features based on our own impressions to begin with, then add new features that customers request. If a feature is not in one of our plugins then no one asked us to add it yet 😉

    As for compatibility, we have no open reports of incompatibilities. When we receive such a report we address it same day. And, we have a tool to import coupons if anyone needs it.

    @scruffy1: We try to answer emailed support requests same day, sometimes turnaround time is 1 to 2 days, depends on the number of support requests we receive. This week was heavy with support both via phone and email.

    Send us an email with your site URL and login info and I’ll make sure it gets addressed this weekend. Use the “Contact Us” form on our site, or call the toll free number listed at the top of our site pages for quick response.

    BTW: We released a new version of our Gift Certificates plugin today ( we fixed an issue that was reported this morning, and then released a new version 10 minutes later )


    Did you get your concerns addressed? I’m considering purchasing this plugin.


    @johnsamwallace: any questions, just use the Contact page on our Web site to reach us via email or phone 🙂 Team

    about your support: you do not answer to questions via Contact page. I send email about 1 week ago and nothing. I want to buy plugin and have some questions about it functionality.

    Hi Nikolai, if you had called our support phone line you would have heard a message explaining that we were in meetings and mostly unavailable for many days – thus not able to respond to email messages right away. We have a slight backlog remaining.

    Someone will address your inquiry shortly.


    If it is true, then everything is ok. But i almost decided to buy another plugin. Will look forward that your support will help with my questions.

    Check your email. We responded earlier today and explained how you may need an entirely different plugin – unless you simply misspoke in your email message. Not sure. Either way, if you have any more questions, email us or call.

    How can you hand out the coupons?

    @jointartistic: If you are using Smart Coupons, you can have coupons delivered to customers in few different of ways…

    1. You can manually send them store credits via email using “Send Store Credit” feature.
    2. Coupons can be linked with products and when someone buys that product, they’d automatically get coupons associated with the product.
    3. You can obviously create and send a coupon via normal email. Smart Coupons even allows you to import a bunch of coupons using a CSV file.
    4. You can use other plugins (like our own Smart Offers, or Cart Notices etc) to show a coupon to certain customers based on rules you define.

    Hope this helps!

    I’m just using the regular coupon function of WooCommerce?! So none of the functions above are applicable I think…?

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