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    I have two questions regarding WooCommerce (I’m using the Salient custom theme). When my user adds a product to the cart – can I have them also re-directed to another page on my site (i.e: a page which is not the checkout or cart page?

    FYI – For my shopping page, I am not using the default WooCommerce shopping page or calling the Add to Cart button via shortcode. I have a unique page with some digital products for sale. My version of the Add-to-Cart button code looks like this:

    [button size=”medium” url=”” text=”Select Package” color=”extra-color-1”]

    When the user clicks this button, it successfully adds the product to cart, but I’d like to have them immediately jump to another page as well.

    Second question: how do we get rid of or change the product link in the shopping cart. Currently, when a product in the cart page is clicked on – it takes the user to the Shopping page, instead i want to re-direct them to another page (i.e: Pricing info),

    thanks in advance for your help – WordPress community!


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  • Hello, I will appreciate any help
    I am interested to upload products and the add to cart to go in the link of other website.
    Thank you very much.

    I too want to have a specified product add to the cart but immediately jump back to a different page. Using WooCommerce 2.1.5

    Thank you!

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