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  • Does anyone know if there is a short code that just displays the price of a particular product e.g. something like [price id=”67″]

    Also when you have product variations the shortcode [add_to_cart id=”68″ sku=”overlap63″]returns prices “from …”

    Is it possible to give the actual price?



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  • What good would displaying just the price of a product without displaying the name of it?

    you can create

    The “actual price” is only available if all variations of that variable product are the same, otherwise, it’s “from (lowest price)”

    if you want a customized shortcode, you could take a look at the “add_to_cart” shortcode located in shortcodes/shortcode-init.php and then write your own based off that one.

    Thanks for getting back

    Thanks for the info on where to look for customized shortcode
    Will have a look at this properly next week

    Why just prices-
    I am creating an ecommerce site for a fencing company
    They have many tables of prices e.g. (very simple example)

    Size Straight topped Arched
    6ft 2 £12 £14
    6ft 3 £13 £15

    Then customers select what want from drop down

    I was thinking that if the prices were coded and I got smart manager pro then the fencing company would only have to change prices in the spreadsheet style interface provided by smart manager pro rather than also have to log in to each product and change tables. I think a lot of people may benefit from such a combination.

    The best way to go about a pricing scheme like that is by using variable products

    I’m not familiar enough with smart manager pro enough to know whether it works well with variations, though.

    updating prices in variations is pretty easy, though without having to jump around like you might with updating multiple products

    Thanks again for getting back. I have used variable products. I was just wondering about making updating prices as easy as possible. Will definitely look at shortcodes/shortcode-init.php and possibly smart manager pro to see if I can make a winning combination. Too busy with other projects at the moment though.

    Thanks for your help


    hey there
    i too am looking for this solution on how to get the price working in shortcodes for variable products?
    Caleb where you able to work this out?

    or if someone can offer further support that would be great.

    Hi Josh

    Afraid I abandoned this approach as the products had so many variations (at least 20 per product) that it was a lot easier to just copy and paste a table from excel.

    Hope you get some help


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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