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    • I am a beginner level WordPress user with a moderate knowledge of css and html.
    • Running WP 3.6.1 on a local server using MAMP…. everything works great except for the following problem.
    • Theme is Mystile, so Woocommerce compatible, no other issues found so far.

    SInce I am working offline, the link to an image showing the problem is

    The buttons marked in red appear only on shopping cart pages, and I am unable to figure out why they appear as they do, especially since I have unchecked Use Woocommerce CSS in the settings, and also not edited the button css at all.

    Please do help! I did do a search for similar topics but they all address the Add to Cart button which in my case is absolutely fine!

    Do you need any other info?

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  • Please post on the WC forum for help with the plugin:

    Are you using a browser tool like Firebug? It should show you the CSS for any element on the page. Unfortunately, it’s next to impossible to help with CSS without seeing the site live.

    Thanks! Should I duplicate my query there? How do I delete this one?

    I did try to do ‘inspect element’ but I haven’t the experience to delve further.

    Yes, you’ll need to repost it there- we can’t move it from here. But without a link to a site, I’m not sure anyone will be able to offer much help unless they happen to know how your theme and WC are set up – so you may want to learn more about using CSS.

    Good info on Firebug:

    And CSS:

    Once you find the CSS you want to change, copy it to a custom CSS section in your theme or WooCommerce or add via a plugin and make the changes in the copied code.

    In case anyone runs into the same issue, I found the solutions!

    I had created custom link colours within the Mystile theme settings, and this affected the Woocommerce cart buttons as well! Simple but it took me days to figure out!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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