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    I am trying to put up a memebers only woocommerce store. WordPress’ buildt in PW-protection does not do this. there is a nice extension (catalog visibility options) but unfortunaltely it doesnt hide the shop but just the prices and the add-to shopping cart, which is not enough. How can I put up a shop which is just visible for logged in customers? I tried several membership-plugins but still I cannot hide the woocommerceparts. Any ideas? 🙂

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  • Moritz


    ok, i found a workaround. i used s2member plugin in combination with sidebar login plugin. s2 gives you a better user/member management and sidebar login allows you to hide certain pages if logged in or not. However: the shop-page itself will remain visible(accesible) even if I managed to get it out of the menus. It works with all other woocommerce-pages at least.
    Good luck

    HI Moritz,

    I am trying to do the same thing as you.
    to make the shop page and all products visible only to registered users.

    i had a look at the S2Members plugin you mention, but I don’t think I understand what you mean by

    “However: the shop-page itself will remain visible(accesible) even if I managed to get it out of the menus”

    so, does the plugin protect the access to the SHOP page and all products or not?

    Ideally what I want is for the SHOP page to be visible on the Menu, but after clicking on it, I want the page to have info informing that this is a members only page and have a login/registration area.

    I understand you have the login area on the side bar, right?



    Hi reailia,
    i worked that thing out finally. s2 memeber can do exactly what you want. Only “problem” is that it is quit a feature-rich plugin, so you need some time to set i t up. You can define different access levels (like “just read”, “can edit”, “premium member” etc.) to each page and post. Those access right are linked with the user administration of WP. If a memebr doesnt have the access right for a page or post he or she visits, s2 displays the login page (you can also setup a registration form beside it). After login you can specifiy a redirect i.e. to the shop page. I combined it with the plugin “WP sidebar login” for easy access, because there you can even define a user menu.
    Hope that helps. Moritz

    HI Moritz,

    I see what you mean about the ‘problem’. Having spent all morning on watching tutorial videos and going through options, I totally agree with what you said. I also have to say, these are some of the most annoying tutorials i have seen, as the guy tends to go round and round and round about the same stuff.

    But, the most important thing is, that is does 100% exactly what I want.

    Many thanks for your help!



    great, 1 more solved problem 🙂

    Dear Moritz,
    Could you, please, direct me in a little bit of detail to the WooCommerce option of hiding the prices and the AddtoCart button to non-registered members?

    You mentioned it in your first message: “WordPress’ buildt in PW-protection does not do this. there is a nice extension (catalog visibility options)” Probably, I am not looking in the right direction:) But that’s exactly what I need – to hide the prices only and show them to registered users.

    Thank you and waiting to hear:)



    Hi, catalog visibility options is an extension that you can purchase at the woocommerce store.
    You should check out the userguide before so see if it suits your needs:

    However as we discussed above you can also do this with the s2 member plugin that allows you to hide certain pages or posts to certain wp-user roles. You cannot hide just the prices or the certain page elements with s2 as far as i know. you could just make your shop page a memeber only page, where you have to register before you can see the content. hope that helps.

    Thank you, Moritz!
    This is very helpful!
    I will check out the description and see if it is really makes sense and simply buy the extension.
    Thanks again!

    Hi Moritz, this is very useful!
    Do you know by chance if with s2 Member I can limit the access of certain products to certain users only?
    So let say the user “John Doe” will see (and search) only products assigned to him (or may be its user role).



    hi jpajot,
    should be possible: s2memberss adds some new roles that you can modify and adjust to any user. See here for details:
    If thats not enough you can add additional roles, i.e. with this plugin:
    (note that you will lose official s2-support if you use this)
    hope that helps

    Thanx for this quick answer.
    I slowly find a way to make it work. Combining the “capability manager” plugin AND “User Access Manager” which works well with WooCommerce products (not yet with WooCommerce Categories though…).
    So I’ve created a UAM-Group (corresponding to one of my customer) > attached some users to this group (the customer’s product manager, the customer’s communication manager etc.) And then I can link each post, page, categories (except WooC. categories), Nextgen Gallery, WooCommerce Products etc. to one or more groups. It works just well for even the queries are covered.
    NB: I quit S2 Member for the fact that there is a hierarchy with the S2 members roles – the highest role 4 can access the content accessible to smaller levels. Structurally this is just not what I want.

    Thanks again for your help

    Hi, I ‘d like to make a member only shop with woo commerce. So get the wooC login page directly. I spent 2 days to find a plugin … I tried members, Members access, Membership and I tried s2members but I think it is to hard for me to understand how it works.

    I would like to know how to configure s2members to get the whole entire site redirect to the woocommerce login (login and new user page) ?





    @fabbb do you find a way to make that possible? I also need to make different prices per user on the catalogues. Anybody?

    Hi, I used the plugin Members Only.

    It is simple to configure and you can add some redirect functions to choose which page you want to redirect after login.

    I hope it will help you.


    Hi Moritz,
    I have an online store with a product line for the general public. However, I have a particular brand that I need to market to an exclusive audience and not to the general public. In other words, there are a number of products, prices and info that I need to hide from unregistered visitors. If I understand this thread correctly the ‘catalog visibility options’ extension doesn’t have that ability, but the s2members plugin does… is that right?

    Thanks in advance.


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