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  • Hi guys,

    I have an online store built with the WooCommerce plugin that is about to launch, but the “showing all results” line is cutting off the bottom part of the page title (“Shop”).

    A screenshot

    I’m not a programmer and am not entirely familiar with CSS, but I’d really like to fix this. Does anyone have any advice? Would appreciate any help, thanks!

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  • It’s difficult to say if we don’t have access to your site.

    It could be that you have set a background color on the “showing all results” element and it may be overlapping with the title. So removing the background or adding a margin could resolve the issue.

    But to be sure you should post a link to the page.

    Ah sorry. Here is the shop page.

    Is the background color what it is? How can I fix that or add a margin? Thanks for your help.

    Roy Ho


    There are different ways to fix that issue based on how your theme/styles were intending to do.

    For example in your all.css stylesheet you have this:

    .page-title { overflow:hidden; }

    Removing that overflow will take care of that issue. But the question is why is that overflow property there in the first place.

    Thanks, splashingpixels. I tried removing that overflow, but it didn’t seem to work and the overlap was still there. Any other possible solutions?

    Roy Ho


    It works…I already tried it on your site…If it didn’t work for you, it usually means you didn’t do it correctly in the correct spot or you have a CSS specificity issue.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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