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    Hi, I have several a group of products in Woocommerce that have the same price… for example
    Price ID SHIRT1 cost $10
    So I have red, blue, rainbow, yellow shirts with the price code/group SHIRT1 and set all prices to $10

    So instead of changing all products prices if I want to raise or discount I just change the price to SHIRT1 and all products will change to the new price… is there a plugin for that?

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  • There is built-in functionality to do that.
    Go to the admin list of products page.
    Select the products that you want to change the price of. It helps if they are all in the same category, then you can filter the products list by category first, then tick the select-all box.
    Next, select “Edit” in the leftmost drop-down, then click “Apply”.
    The topmost dropdown on the right allows you to change the price of all the selected products at once.

    @lorro Yes that works but can be really complicated if this is for hundred of products because of the pagination.

    @juanmanuel Do you have a criteria for assigning SHIRT1 to multiple products? If you pre assigned that code to multiple products, that means you have a clear idea of which products to group together right?

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    I will assign the product pricing code when adding a new product.

    A method for a large numbers of products is to export the products as a csv and update prices in a spreadsheet.

    Yes but you mentioned that you assign the same code to multiple products. I assume that this is not done randomly so that means there must be a logic behind that. That’s what i’m curious about: the logic or the context.

    But a general answer to that question will be to use this free plugin

    WooCommerce won’t allow you to use a non monetary character in the price field so you’ll need to create a custom attribute or use the SKU field to generate a unique code containing your price code.

    Then using the plugin I mentioned, you can set a dynamic price for all products with the SKU containing the code you want. If that’s a good option for you, I can provide a tutorial with some screenshots.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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