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    at the time of this posting….
    We are attempting to use the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin in conjunction with the free WooCommerce integration plugin provided by When one adds WooCommerce to one is provided a link to the free plugin necessary for ones WooCommerce store to communicate with

    When we open this PHP file we are presented with the plugin information, stating that its URI was written by WooCommerce. When we contact WooCommerce about this plugin, WooCommerce denies any knowledge of it.

    Copied directly from the current plugin php file
    * Plugin Name: WooCommerce – StampscomEndicia Integration
    * Plugin URI:
    * Version: 2.0.0
    * Description: Adds Stamps Orders label printing support to WooCommerce. Requires server DomDocument support.
    * Author: Stamps.comEndicia
    * Author URI:
    * Text Domain: woocommerce-stampscomendicia

    Looking inside at the code, it seems that this plugin has been written to work with both the “Free” and “Pro” versions of “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers”.

    Currently when using the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers”, the one way street FROM our WooCommerce store to the site IS working correctly. The proper information including the correct “Order Number” is provided to our account. Shipping labels etc can be generated with the accurate information. This is a good thing!

    However it seems the reverse communication is currently broken. When the system attempts to send information back to our WooCommerce store a “fatal-error” is created. This looks to be due to the system trying to use the “Order Number” as the “Order ID”. Because the two of these are no-longer the same number this won’t work and causes the error.

    We have tested this by placing test orders with and with-out the use of the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin. If we DON’T USE the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin the system uses the “Order ID” as both “Order ID” and “Order Number”, this does not cause a fatal-error and works only if we wanted the “Order ID” and “Order Number” to be the same number. Which we DO NOT since the “Order Numbers” will not be consecutive this way. When we USE the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin uses the “Order Number” for both the “Order ID” and “Order Number”. This of course will not work because these two numbers are NOT the same. Trying to use the “Order Number” as the “Order ID” causes the fatal-errors in the WooCommerce installation.

    When using the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin, we look in our user interfaces, we see our “Order Numbers” in the field titled “Order-ID”. So what seems to be happening is that the plugin is accurately getting the correct “Order Number” from our WooCommerce web store, but it is placing that “Order Number” into the “Order ID” field within the system for our store. It is then using that number for both the “Order Number” and “Order ID”. Problem comes in when it attempts to return information to our WoCommerce based web store, because they did not acquire both the “Order ID” and the “Order Number”, they are trying to use the “Order Number” as the “Order ID” and this is breaking due to the fact that they do not match.

    We have attempted to contact the necessary individuals at both WooCommerce and multiple times over the past several weeks and are no further today than we were when we noticed that there was an issue.

    From what we can tell, it looks like there is a chance that the wrong tracking information could potentially be posted to the wrong order. If the “Order Number” from one order matched the “Order ID” of another???? What would happen?

    We would think this would concern them enough to listen, and potentially fix this issue. So far we can’t even get either party to acknowledge or even seriously discuss the problem. WooCommerce denies all knowledge, while says they will escalate the issue and get back to us but never do…

    We really don’t want to change shipping providers. We wish this situation would be remedied. However at this time we are currently looking for a US postage provider who’s system takes the information from WooCommerce, using the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin, creates proper postage from said information, and accurately posts back the necessary shipping information to the WooCommerce site.

    If you can suggest one we are all ears.

    its funny that they can spend money on a national ad campaign to promote their business but they can’t fix this??? add to that the fact that on several occasions we have had to sit on hold for more than an hour to speak to someone concerning this…. the customer service people and technicians we have eventually spoken to have all been very nice, friendly and professional. However at the end of the day, it has been several weeks, and we still have no answer and no acknowledgement of the issue at hand.

    Bottom line… At this time do not use this plugin in conjunction with and their provided WooCommerce plugin. It will cause fatal-errors. Communication back from to the installed site will not be successful. Thus preventing ALL site updates based on postage creation.

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  • Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @rrrrobb,

    Thanks for reaching out to us about our plugin! I’m really sorry to hear about the frustrations you’ve had with integrating your plugin with Sequential Order Numbers.

    It definitely sounds like the third-party integration your site is using doesn’t have full support for sequential order numbers and that this is causing some pretty serious issues.

    I would recommend pointing the developers to our plugin’s page which offers some tips to developers on how to add compatibility for customized order numbers:

    They may also want to have a look directly at our code repository:

    If the developers aren’t successful in making the plugin compatible or you’d like to give another plugin a try, I would highly recommend trying out the official WooCommerce API plugin found at the following link:

    Please keep in mind that does offer full refunds within 30 days of purchase, so if you would like to take WooCommerce API for a test run, feel free to do so! I would highly recommend utilizing this to give the plugin a try and make sure if will work well for your business.

    I hope that’s helpful and thanks again for using our plugin! Could I help you with any other questions?



    Thank you for your response. It has become quite apparent that the problem is that is only retaining one number for a given order.

    If the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin is installed and active:, via their “Plugin Name: WooCommerce – StampscomEndicia Integration”, collects the “Order Number” created by the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin.

    If the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin is NOT active:, via their “Plugin Name: WooCommerce – StampscomEndicia Integration”, collects the “Order ID” created by the WooCommerce installation.

    When processes ones information it is based upon which ever number it has. If one is NOT using the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin the entire process works because the “Order ID” is correct.

    However if the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin IS active the process breaks because the system tries to use the “Order Number” as the “Order ID” and this is not correct.

    From what we have been told, what we are trying to do should work. That we should not have to use the Pro versions of either plugin in order to achieve our end results. That it is/was intended to work.

    We would pay for and use both Pro versions of the plugin’s if we had use of the functions which make them the Pro versions. However we have no need and no intention to use these Pro features. All we need and desire is the basic functionality which we have been assured should work. We have a hard time paying approximately $120 (per year) for the Pro versions that we are not supposed to need in order to do what we have been told we should be able to do for FREE.

    It is becoming a principal thing. Why pay money for something that should be working for FREE. If it is supposed to work using the FREE version then they should make it work.

    Otherwise they should openly admit that it costs $120 per year to do what we are supposed to be able to do for FREE.

    What keeps happening is:
    We call in, tell them what is happening, what we are trying to do.
    Then we are told we should be able to do what we are trying to do, that it should work using the FREE versions, that someone will contact us.
    Then no one contacts us. Not a peep. No emails, no phone calls. Silence.

    The errors generated by WooCommerce actually show the “Order Number”=“Order ID”. On the orders created using the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin. It is blatantly obvious that the system is not working correctly. They need to fix their problem. The users should not have to pay an additional $120 per year to make something work that is supposed to work for FREE.

    I appreciate that the Pro versions may work. But if we have no need for the additional functions that make it a Pro version we shouldn’t have to pay to make the FREE functions work.

    Put Simply, needs to fix their interface to recognize the fact that the “Order ID” and the “Order Number” aren’t necessarily the same number.

    Thank you again for your response, hopefully it will not fall on their def ears.

    I just got off the phone with another customer service rep from who is claiming this is not a bug it is a feature request.

    Plugin Name: “WooCommerce – StampscomEndicia Integration”
    is provided to customers via their two interfaces. Either the web interface or the Windows app interface.

    This “Plugin Name: WooCommerce – StampscomEndicia Integration” has been written to acquire the “Order Number” created by the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin.

    When “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin is activated This “Plugin Name: WooCommerce – StampscomEndicia Integration” gathers the “Order Number” provide by the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin and uses it for the “Order ID”.

    When the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin is active, generally, the “Order Number” and the “Order ID” are not equal.

    If the “Order Number” and the “Order ID” are not equal and one tries to use the “Order Number” as the “Order ID” the system creates a “fatal-error”.

    If the code for the “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin was not present in the “WooCommerce – StampscomEndicia Integration” plugin provided by it would not acquire the “Order Number” in the first place, it would acquire the “Order ID”, and would always work.

    Seventh and Finally
    This is not a feature request, this is a partial implementation that is causing “fatal-errors” and the possibility of the wrong shipping information being passed on to the wrong customer. If the order number of one customers order matches the Order ID of another customers order the wrong information could potentially be passed.

    The code for acquiring the “Order Number” created with “WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers” plugin is clearly inside the code of the “WooCommerce – StampscomEndicia Integration” plugin provided by If you look at the code you can clearly see it is implemented to acquire the “Order ID” and it does. It just isn’t fully implemented correctly. Because it tries to use that same “Order Number” as both the “Order Number” (correct) and the “Order ID” (incorrect – causes the fatal-errors).

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @rrrrobb,

    I’m sorry to hear about your continued frustrations with these compatibility issues.

    I can assure you that the Sequential Order Numbers Pro plugin will not be needed if your organization doesn’t need its pro features. This is because the integration you are currently using will have the same compatibility problems with any plugin which alters the order numbers in any way.

    Our team develops and supports the two Sequntual Order Numbers plugins and I’m afraid that we can’t be of much help with the functionality of the plugin your site is currently using. We can only recommend that you try the official WooCommerce plugin as mentioned in my reply above.

    If you would prefer to stick with the free plugin you are currently using, then compatibility with plugins that alter order numbers will need to be added by the developers who develop and support that plugin. If you’d like, I’d be happy to reach out to them directly to offer some tips.

    However, I’m afraid I couldn’t find any contact information for “StampscomEndicia”. Could you share which website you downloaded the plugin from or an email address I can use to reach the developers directly?

    Thank you,


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    I’d be happy to share the link. The file is offered directly from When customers add WooCommerce as a source they are presented with a link to this plugin. So sense is presenting this plugin, for FREE when the customer adds WooCommerce to their account, I would beg to differ that it is the Official plugin “stampscomendicia“. The other is a Pro or third party upgrade.

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @rrrrobb,

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    I apologize for the confusion about the “official” terminology, I can definitely see how it can be confusing when is offering this plugin.

    In my case, “official” was simply referring to “listed on the” marketplace – SkyVerge works closely with other developers listing on the marketplace to ensure plugins are compatible wherever possible and are working well together even if full compatibility isn’t achievable. Our team had previously worked closely with the WooCommerce to ensure their API offering supports plugins which alter order numbers such as our two Sequential Order Numbers plugins and is our recommended integration for your needs.

    I’ve had a look through the plugin you’ve provided and I can see that is listed as the author here. As such, in order to use this plugin along with any plugins which alter the order number, you’ll have to ask their team to work on adding compatibility with plugins which alter the order number. The developers will likely find the following section of our documentation helpful to determine how to add compatibility and if it’s something their team can introduce:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help here but I hope that this is helpful nonetheless. Could you please keep us in the loop on what decides to do with respect to adding compatibility on their end?



    Hello Tamara,

    So far’s position is “sense this is related to a third party plugin”, this is a “Feature Request” not a “bug”. Thus they have no time to do anything about it.

    Funny, it is their code that has the problem in it. It is their code that causes the “fatal-error”. It is their code that is reading the “Order Number” created by “Sequential Order Numbers” and incorrectly uses it in place of the “Order ID”. If their plugin wasn’t written to use the “Sequential Order Numbers – Order Number” it would simply use the “Order ID” and work.

    But somehow this is a “Feature Request” not a “bug”.

    Currently we have reached out to WooCommerce and asked them to verify that the Pro Plugins work together correctly and don’t have this same issue. We have waited all week for their response. We finally got it, but they didn’t bother to understand the question before they gave us a canned response. So I have again responded to them, again requesting them to verify that the Pro plugins actually work correctly. We need to install this on two different sites and the cost becomes more than $200.00 to do this. We do not want to waist any more time and money before we know that the plugins actually work.

    So here we are another week later, and still no answer.

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @rrrrobb,

    I hope you had a great weekend! I’m sorry to hear that this is still unresolved on your end and wish I could do more to help.

    Based on my review of the WooCommerce API plugin I don’t believe you will see the same issues as you do with the current plugin but I wasn’t able to test it as I don’t have a account.

    I just wanted to mention again that the Pro version of Sequential Order Numbers shouldn’t be required for your needs and you can continue using this free version.
    I’d recommend utilizing the 30-day refund policy and only purchasing the WooCommerce API plugin to try it out with Sequential Order Numbers on your site.

    As such, if you run into similar issues in your testing you can contact WooCommerce to refund your purchase immediately no questions asked 🙂

    I hope that’s helpful! Please do keep me in the loop once you’re able to test with the API plugin.





    Hello Tamara,

    We purchased both the “WooCommerce API” and the “Sequential Order Numbers Pro” plugins and gave them a test.

    However we determined that the function of the “WooCommerce API” plugin was not for us. We aren’t looking to handle the postage printing from within our individual Woocommerce sites. Having more than one source of orders we prefer to use the interface to manage our shipping labels. It simply makes it more efficient.

    We have found the need for “Sequential Order Numbers Pro”.

    I am not sure why…. but after testing…. using the FREE version of the Woocommerce plugin (Plugin Name: “WooCommerce – StampscomEndicia Integration”) supplied by and the payed plugin “Sequential Order Numbers Pro”, everything seems to finally be working.

    I know there have been updates to plugins and WordPress. I don’t believe any of those updates were specifically related to this issue or these plugins. I can say at this time that we are finally functioning correctly. I do not know if the free version “Sequential Order Numbers” is working. I am hesitant to try it now that I finally have the site functioning.

    Thanks again for all of your help.

    Take care.

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @rrrrobb,

    Thanks so much for the followup! I’m glad to hear that things worked out with Sequential Order Numbers Pro. It does include a lot of additional behind-the-scenes functionality to build-in things like searching and ordering by order numbers. It’s definitely possible that one of these added hooks were all that was needed to adjust compatibility with your plugin.

    Thanks again!


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