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  • Hi, folks. PLEASE someone help with this…

    My client needs to have an initial, variable product (more than one attribute) and then enable customers to choose/purchase additional variable proucts on the SAME page.

    Simple example: Buy a t-shirt with three colour options, and then offer a scarf with two colours…all on the t-shirt product page.

    This seems like a simple thing, however neither Chained, Bundled (static quantities only) nor Composite (removes the variations from initial product) products have done the trick (wastes of money for me, sadly).

    So, am I missing something or is there no way in Woocommerce to sell two variable products – one initial, and optional add-ons – on a page?

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  • I think I may have had a similar issue. I am working on a website for a clothing company who has sets of items on one page (1 full picture, and the option to choose the top with size and the bottom with size). So, two variable products on one page. This may not be the best solution, but the workaround I found worked well for my customer.

    Let’s say I had one women’s business suit, she wanted the option to purchase just the Jacket, just the Pants, or both. So what I did was created one product, “Women’s Business Suit”. Then I created two attributes; Jacket and Pants. I added the sizes to each attribute, but also added something extra. Small, Medium, Large, and

      No Jacket

    (and I added “no pants” to the pants attribute.)

    Then I added 3 variations:
    1) Any Jacket / No Pants
    2) No Jacket / Any Pants
    3) Any Jacket / Any Pants

    I added the price of just the jacket to variation 1, just the price of the pants to variation 2, and the price of the full suit to variation 3.

    So that worked for me, now the customer can choose any of the variations and get different prices for each. It works well because she had both in the same picture. The only downside I have noticed is that the customer has to pick “no top” or “no bottom” for the add to cart button to show up. But nonetheless, multiple products on the same page. Here is a link to the page I did it on: (the site isn’t up yet so depending on when you go to that link it may say coming soon)

    I hope this helps with your problem!

    @reichertbrothers, thank you SO much for taking the time to reply, and in enough detail to hopefully help someone with a similar problem. Fantastic! It’s quite frustrating not being able to find a solution no matter how hard and long one looks…

    This wouldn’t work for my client, but I can see how it makes perfect sense for yours (except, as you mentioned, the customer having to select ‘none’ for the options they don’t want).

    In consulting with a knowledgeable Woo Affiliate worker, it seems the best solution for my client site is to bring the in-built cross-sell products from the Cart page to the indiuvidual product page/s. Apparently this is quite simple to accomplish, and I’m surprised no one on the WooCommerce team – over many, many weeks of tech help – could help with this or even mention it, but I’m paying the gentleman to do this and I’ll be happy when it’s done.

    Thanks again!

    I just came across this post and we all seem to have varying issues with a similar problem. I have an item that I want to list in my shop that comes in many colors. My customers will likely want a yard or more of many different colors and I want them to be able to add a quantity per color in a list type format versus selecting the quantity for the first color and then having to go back to the item and pick again – I think it’s too cumbersome. Anyone??

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